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This being my first blog post here, my mind thinks about the first time I came across computer security and later on web/apps security. Back in the day, most of the parents were not really interested or indeed aware of what kids were doing on computers. At least in the country I grew up. It is to some extent part of the conflict between generations but I won't go into that just now. The fact is that many parents did not have the time, desire and/or knowledge to pay careful attention. Therefore, many children were self-educated are more importantly self-regulated in that environment.


Partly attracted and seduced by feelings of power and control, the rush of adrenaline and the sweet taste of doing something forbidden and partly due to popular culture at the time, media (incorrect) portrayal of hackers and cyber-crime as well as peer admiration and recognition has driven many kids at the beginning to get involved in these fields for all the wrong reasons. In other cases, victims wanted on one side revenge and on the other to learn protect themselves so that's half-bad.


This has created a number of challenges throughout the years with some still affecting today's generation in known and unknown ways. The problem today has evolved and morphed into something unbelievably more complex. Today, when the Human Rights Council of the United Nations General Assembly declares access to the Internet a basic human right and the whole world is reliant upon technology and internet there seems to be a major "elephant in the room": how do we educate our children and the generation on internet/technology safety and security? Are we emphasizing this early on their education? To what extent? Many are growing with tablets in their hands since they turn 3.


When emerging economies and whole countries are moving slowly from dial-up connections to mobile browsing and broadband: are there any business opportunities in terms of security for them? We live after all in a global world. How do we educate and embed responsibility in the "hackers" (term used with generosity) of tomorrow? Could there be a business and political opportunity to push forward such education as state-approved/endorsed?


Time will tell but getting the "beginning" right at the appropriate time is crucial for our future, a future which seems increasingly refracted through the technology prism.


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