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    Here it is : https://mab.to/lEfEkAufW And Have Funk!
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    Traffic Exploder is a bot that will allow you to Dominate website traffic. This bot will supercharge your website, increasing the visitors, views and bounce rate by ten fold. Traffic will continuously flow from every part of the world based on the parameters you specify. Imagine what unlimited traffic can do for you : Decrease bounce rate Increase impressions Increase Unique Visitors Make your site more appealing to banner ad marketplaces (via more impressions) Increase views on any page which counts views and ranks/rates you based on those views Lower Alexa (untested) Sell Traffic to others for an easy income Sell View Increasing Services Sell your high-traffic site for more (vs. no traffic site) and more.... Features : Enter an Referral URL (New 1.06) Deep link clicking (New 1.06) Improved Proxy Finding/Testing (New 1.06) Improved Thread Control (New 1.06) Multiple URLs Unlimited Views Proxy Harvester - Built into the core, never worry about proxies or unique IPs Proxy Scrubbing Random Pause Interval Timeout Control Thread Control Easy to use, get started in seconds Progress Bar and Statistics Safe Traffic : This bot generates safe traffic to your website. It does not click on any ads nor will it get you banned from any ad marketplaces. Download
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    profit share sunt romani, romanului ii place sa te arda, din 10 vanzari el iti da doar 7
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    Inca nu ai "invatat" nimic daca nu ai nici o idee. Mie personal python-ul mi se pare un limbaj fantastic datorita libertatii pe care ti-o acorda (nu trebuie sa declari tu exact int, str, float etc.) Eu cand am inceput sa invat python, deja mi-am restructurat jumate din scripturi, am redus o gramada de cod si chiar am crescut eficienta unui anumit cod (compact, sigur, si eficient). Ceea ce vreau sa spun pana la urma este ca nu ai aprofundat(inteles) destul de bine limbajul de esti in pana de idei ce sa faci cu el.
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    Ce este networking-ul?Ca poate ma apuc si eu !
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    De cat timp esti la ei? Daca esti de putin timp vezi sa nu fie siteul pe pending.Vorbeste cu un admin sa te rezolve. Intreaba si tu. Asa am patit si eu la o firma de advertising si i-am intrebat si mi-au spus ca era siteul pe peding,iar dupa s-a rezolvat problema.
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    Normal, site-urile de file sharing dispar unu dupa altu din cauza americanilor, iar el este printre cei care nu s-au lasat calcati in picioare de americani si legile lor idioate.
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    Scuze pentru revive. Pentru cei interesati de acest domeniu. O sa pun pe site saptamana viitoare o versiune TRIAL (complet functionala) a aplicatiei ACTE AUTO PRO pe o perioada de 30 de zile fara restrictii. Revin cu un link.
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    After a long development cycle (including many betas and release candidates to get everything just exactly perfect) we're pleased to announce the availability of the new stable release. You'll find updates throughout the system, with the latest development tools and recent versions of applications, window managers, desktop environments, and utilities. The Linux kernel is updated to version 4.4.14 (part of the 4.4.x kernel series that will be getting long-term support from the kernel developers). We've brought together the best of these and other modern components and worked our magic on them. If you've used Slackware before, you'll find the system feels like home. For additional information, see the official announcement and the release notes. For a complete list of included packages, see the package list. Build scripts for all kinds of additional software for Slackware 14.2 can be found on the slackbuilds.org website. Want to give Slackware 14.2 a test drive without modifying your disk drive? Then check out Slackware Live Edition! This is a complete Slackware installation that can run from a CD, DVD, or USB stick. Thanks to Eric Hameleers for the great work on this! Here's where to find it: http://bear.alienbase.nl/mirrors/slackware/slackware-live/ Need help? Check out our documentation site, docs.slackware.com. Stop by and share your knowledge! Please consider supporting the Slackware project by picking up a copy of the Slackware 14.2 release from the Slackware Store. The discs are off to replication, but we're accepting pre-orders for the official 6 CD set and the DVD. The CD set is the 32-bit x86 release, while the DVD is a dual-sided disc with the 32-bit x86 release on one side and the 64-bit x86_64 release on the other. Thanks to our subscribers and supporters for keeping Slackware going all these years. Thanks to the Slackware team for all the hard work getting 14.2 ready for action! And of course, thanks to all the open source developers upstream, and to the Slackware community on linuxquestions.org for all the help with bug reports, suggestions, and patches. We couldn't have done it without you. Enjoy the new stable release! Pat and the Slackware crew +--------------------------+ Slackware 14.2 for ARM is also available. For details, see: http://arm.slackware.com Link: http://www.slackware.com/
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    Aia nu e adresa mea. @Nytro @hades Va rog trageti o concluzie,ma suna lumea si nu stiu cum sa le explic situatia,pierd alti clienti mai importanti din cauza asta.
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    Drivere compatibile gasesti doar daca descarci programul SlimDriver, ti le cauta automat, se instaleaza automat si nu o sa mai ai probleme.
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    Salutareee ! Stie cineva daca mai sunt stealer-e noi sau ceva un program sa fure cookie-urile, cum era inainte HC STEALER sau Crime24... Multumesc anticipat ! Sper sa nu fi gresit sectiunea
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