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Polycom VVX Web Interface Privilege Escalation

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# Exploit Title: Polycom VVX Web Interface - Change Admin Password as User
# Date: January 26, 2017
# Exploit Author: Mike Brown
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.polycom.com/
# Software Link: http://downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip/uc_sw_releases_matrix.html
# Version: Polycom vvx 410 UC Software Version:
# CVE : N/A

# This module requires the user to have access to the "User" account (Default User:123) in the Polycom VoIP phone's web interface.
# The user can use the following steps to escalate privileges and become the Admin user to reveal menu items internal IP addresses
# and account information.

1. Login with the "User" Account.
2. Navigate to Settings > Change Password.
3. Fill in "Old Password" with the current "User" password.
4. Fill in "New Password" with the new "Admin" account password, and confirm.
5. Using a live HTML editor, inspect the old password field. you will see:
<input id="olduserpswd" name="122" isrebootrequired="false" helpid="525" value="" paramname="device.auth.localUserPassword"
default="" config="????" variabletype="string" min="0" max="32" maxlength="32" hintdivid="userAccountConf.htm_1" type="password">
6. Change the name field to "120"
7. Click "Save"
8. An error will be shown on screen but you can now log into the Admin account with the new password.


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