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Perl API - Noob

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      my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new();
      $mech->get("https://blockchain.info/q/getreceivedbyaddress/".$btcaddress);   # Check transactions on bitcoin address
      my $getreceived = $mech->content;

      $mech->get("https://blockchain.info/q/addressbalance/".$btcaddress);   # Check balance on bitcoin address
      my $addressbalance = $mech->content;

Exemplu rezultat: https://blockchain.info/q/getreceivedbyaddress/1GbVUSW5WJmRCpaCJ4hanUny77oDaWW4to => 900403294973

                          https://blockchain.info/q/addressbalance/1GbVUSW5WJmRCpaCJ4hanUny77oDaWW4to => 51689529709

Daca folosesc blockexplorer.com https://blockexplorer.com/api/addr/1GbVUSW5WJmRCpaCJ4hanUny77oDaWW4t ,rezultatul este...hacea-parcea.
Ca sa am acelasi rezultat ca pe blockchain,trebuie sa pun /balance dupa link,respectiv /totalReceived




Acum...cum pun in cod..."/balance" si "/totalReceived" !?


Am incercat gen:
      $mech->get("https://blockexplorer.com/api/addr/".$btcaddress/balance);   # Check transactions on bitcoin address

      $mech->get("https://blockexplorer.com/api/addr/".$btcaddress./balance);   # Check transactions on bitcoin address

      $mech->get("https://blockexplorer.com/api/addr/".$btcaddress "/balance");   # Check transactions on bitcoin address

      $mech->get("https://blockexplorer.com/api/addr/.$btcaddress/balance");   # Check transactions on bitcoin address

insa...nici-o versiune nu functioneaza...

Astept un mic ajutor de la cunoscatori :P




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Hint, ce vrei tu sa faci se numeste concatenare.


Tu faci deja asta: 



"text" . $variabila

Iar tu ai nevoie de:

"text" . $variabila . "text in continuare"


$mech->get("https://blockexplorer.com/api/addr/".$btcaddress . "/balance");


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22 minutes ago, DJNeo said:

Apreciez insa...am incercat deja asa...dupa cum am si specificat incercarile esuate...


In lista cu incercari esuate nu ai inclus ce ti-a propus @pr00f


Tu ai incercat:     $mech->get("https://blockexplorer.com/api/addr/".$btcaddress "/balance");

Iar el ti-a propus: $mech->get("https://blockexplorer.com/api/addr/".$btcaddress . "/balance");


Punctul ala ce-l ai si inainte de variabila "$btcaddress" este operatorul de concaternare in Perl.


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