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Primul transplant de cap uman a fost un succes

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The world's first human head transplant has been carried out on a corpse in China, according to Italian professor Sergio Canavero.

During an 18-hour operation, experts demonstrated that it is possible to successfully reconnect the spine, nerves and blood vessels of a severed head.

Professor Canavero, director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, made the announcement at a press conference in Vienna this morning.

The procedure was carried out by a team led by Dr Xiaoping Ren, who last year grafted a head onto the body of a monkey. 

A full report of the Harbin Medical University team's procedure and a timeframe for the live transplant are expected within the next few days. 

Speaking at the press conference, Professor Canavero said: 'For too long nature has dictated her rules to us. 

'We're born, we grow, we age and we die. For millions of years humans has evolved and 110 billion humans have died in the process. 

'That's genocide on a mass scale.

'We have entered an age where we will take our destiny back in our hands. 

'It will change everything. It will change you at every level.

'The first human head transplant, in the human mode, has been realised.

'The surgery lasted 18 hours. The paper will be released in a few days.'

'Everyone said it was impossible, but the surgery was successful.'

Professor Canavero added that the team's next step is to perform a full head swap between brain dead organ donors. 

Sursa & articol complet: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5092769/World-s-human-head-transplant-carried-out.html

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Cred ca e cam devreme ... sa vedem cat traieste.


Asta ar fi una dintre glume.

Sunteti prea conectati bre ..

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"And that’s not to take into account immune rejection, the fact that we don’t really know how to “fix” damaged nerves yet (let alone connect two unfamiliar halves) and the issue that everyone’s brain develops in tune with their body. The latter point means the “interface” between the two is relatively unique. You put the head of musician on the body of a builder, it may well prove to be like trying to play an Xbox game on a PlayStation. Except, infinitely more traumatic."



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Am discutat chestia asta la facultate(sunt in domeniu) si pot aparea multe complicatii. Chirurgul cu care am discutat a zis ca este posibil, insa rata de succes este mica. Fiecare om are anumite "mutatii" ca sa le zic asa la nivel de ADN. Se presupune ca administrand imunosupresoare pentru a nu respinge transplantul, este posibil sa traiasca pana la 10-15 ani, dar asta este valabil in transplantul hepatic, de cord, etc. Aici vorbim de nervi, neuroni, celule gliale, care au o structura mult mai fragila fata de cele de mai sus. Pot aparea foarte usor boli de structura a sistemului nervos. Este posibil, dar putin probabil sa fie un succes, mai ales pe termen lung.

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Ce conteaza toate detaliile. Decat un ananomim printre cei 110 de miliarde mai bine inca un frankenstein pe wiki.

Din '82 tot incearca si doar in 2017 a gasit doi chinezi morti pe care sa faca experimente. Mengele rande si cu curul de el la cat de noob ii, Burnei al nostru ii da sah-mat din doua mutari.


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