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download and exec - windows

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am un script care execute un soft, problema mea este ca softul trebuie downloadat cu ftp sau wsh si nu stiu cum sa integrez metoda de download in script



set DeployDirectory=%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp
set logshare=%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp
set CommandLineOptions=/quiet
set InstallFile=soft.msi
echo %date% %time% the %0 script is running >> %logshare%\%ComputerName%.log
set CustomConfig=None
IF EXIST "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files (x86)\SOFTUL (<already installed #>)" set CustomConfig=exists
IF EXIST "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\SOFTUL (<already installed #>)" set CustomConfig=exists
if %CustomConfig%==exists goto Found


echo %date% %time% Package not detected, Begin Deployment >> %logshare%\%ComputerName%.log

start /wait %DeployDirectory%\%InstallFile% %CommandLineOptions%

echo %date% %time% Deployment Completed >> %logshare%\%ComputerName%.log
echo %date% %time% : >> %logshare%\%ComputerName%.log
echo %date% %time% Install Logs: >> %logshare%\%ComputerName%.log
echo %date% %time% : >> %logshare%\%ComputerName%.log

goto End

echo %date% %time% SOFT Client install was detected, Halting >> %logshare%\%ComputerName%.log
goto End

echo %date% %time% the %0 script has completed successfully >> %logshare%\%ComputerName%.log



v-a rog ajutati-ma , am cautat tot google-ul , nu am reusit, multumesc.


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merci de raspuns, am incercat cu lcd, nu se mai deschide scriptu deloc

scriptul postat de mine defineste un path, de unde se executa soft.msi, asa ca eu trebuie sa downloadez cu ftp soft.msi de ex in C:\ , de acolo scriptul meu executa soft.msi

problema la mine este ca eu nu stiu cum sa downloadez softul cu ftp intr-un anume folder


sugestii noi sunt bine venite

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24 minutes ago, joeyjoe said:

ideea este de automatizare, o sa mai fac research, merci

Automatizare prin copy/xcopy nu ad labam.

Daca vrei automatizare iti fac eu un script in c# si basta.

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