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Several vulnerabilities detected in Ruckus routers

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Source: https://www.securitylab.ru/news/503753.php


Exploiting the vulnerability allows an unauthorized attacker to remotely take control of a device.


A number of vulnerabilities have been detected in Ruckus wireless routers . Their operation allows an unauthorized attacker to remotely take control of the device.

Vulnerabilities were discovered by security researcher Gal Zror. According to Zror, the problems are contained in the web-based user interface software installed in the Unleashed line of routers.

According to the researcher, three vulnerabilities can be exploited to gain superuser rights on the router, providing an attacker with unhindered access to the device and the network. Although these three problems differ in the complexity of their use, only one line of code is enough to exploit the simplest vulnerability.

Having gained full control over the router, an attacker can scan all unencrypted Internet traffic on the network, as well as redirect traffic from users on the network to malicious pages designed to steal credentials.

According to Zror, thousands of vulnerable Ruckus routers are available on the Internet.

He made his findings public at the annual Chaos Communication Congress in Germany. Ruckus has released a software update that fixes these vulnerabilities and strongly recommends users update their vulnerable devices.



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