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Fraudsters disguised as an art dealer stole millions of dollars from the Dutch museum

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The desire to buy the painting turned out to be more than £ 2 million for the Twente State Museum (Netherlands). According to Bloomberg, the art museum initiated negotiations with British art dealer Simon C. Dickinson Ltd to buy an expensive painting by the English artist John Constable, which the museum director noticed on European art exhibition.

For several months, the parties were negotiating by e-mail, at some point the attackers managed to gain access to the systems of one of the organizations and intervene in the correspondence. Under the guise of an art dealer, they sent fake messages to the museum, after which the latter transferred £ 2.4 million ($ 3.1 million) to a bank account in Hong Kong supposedly owned by Simon Dickinson.

As a result, the art dealer never received the money owed to him, and the scammers could not be calculated. Now the affected parties in court find out who is to blame for the situation. In a lawsuit filed with the London High Court, the museum accused Simon Dickinson of not revealing email fraud. In turn, the art dealer said that he did not notice someone else's presence in the correspondence, and the museum had to check the account before sending funds to it. In addition, both sides consider each other a source of theft, since each of them allowed a compromise of their systems.

The Twente State Museum claims damages. The court did not find the defendant guilty of negligence, but noted that the revised claims for damages could be accepted for consideration. Now the court must decide to whom the ownership of the painting belongs.


Source: https://www.securitylab.ru/news/504590.php

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