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DSLCAD (Pronounced DieselCAD)

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DSLCAD is a programming language & interpreter for building 3D models.

Inspired by OpenSCAD, it has a language and 3D viewer to simplify the modeling experience.





Check out the documentation pages.



Download the latest DSLCAD from the Releases tab of this repo.


You can find pre-built binaries for:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux



Why is this different from OpenSCAD?

DSLCAD aims to build upon the formula that was established by OpenSCAD. It is still functional in approach and has a more limited scope (no text editor). It has a viewer for rapid part development and a CLI for automation.


It offers some novel ideas such as:

  • chamfer and fillet operators to simplify part creation
  • the ability to create multiple parts (3D models) from a single file
  • object style properties to access variables my_gear.radius
  • top to bottom readability using pipes (the -> operator) to reduce nesting complexity
  • a single binary per platform for portability
  • focused workflow with the aim of using the 2D first then 3D part design flow
  • written in Rust to make it easy to build and contribute to


Download: dslcad-master.zip




git clone https://github.com/DSchroer/dslcad.git



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