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Ce ascultati la betie ?

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Hai sa vin si eu cu 5 melodii:

Nimeni Altu - Asa raman

Nimeni Altu - Lautarul din beci

Vita de Vie - Varza

Vita de Vie & Parazitii - Beat mort

CTC - Interzis nefumatorilor

Sunt intr-o ordine complet intamplatoare. De asemenea, as mai putea adauga inca cel putin 100 de melodii, dar chiar n-am chef :P.

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gorgoroth - sorg

burzum - channeling the power of souls into a new god

nargaroth - rasluka

black sabbath - black sabbath

korn - kiss

led zeppelin - stairway to heaven

ensiferum - lady in black

primordial - beneath a bronze sky

opeth - patterns in the ivy

mortiis - mental maelstorm

high contrast - global love

nortt - sorgesalmen

the streets - blinded by the lights

creed - is this the end

scorpions - winds of change

negura bunget - I

phoenix - in umbra marelui urs

playlistul de saptamana trecuta

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Level 1:

Faithless - God is a DJ

Faithless - We come 1

Faithless - Insomnia

Faithless - Salva mea

Level 2:

Dj Quicksilver - Equinoxe (IV)

Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna

Level 3:

Ab4 - Hol

Acvila - Dulci cuvinte

Cargo - Daca ploaia..

Cargo - Aproape de voi

Level 4:

Cranberries - Zombie

Cargo - Vrajitoarele

Nightwish - Over the hills

Krypteria - Victoriam Speramus

Level 5:

... probabil Gica Petrescu... (ceata totala!!)

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Bon Jovi - It's My Life

Suie Paparude - Aveti Sange in Coaie

Enya - Carribean blue

Sr 71 - Tomorrow

Nickelback - How you remind me

Nickelback - Just for

Nickelback - Gotta be someboddy

Nickelback - Rockstar

Nickelback - If everyone cared

Nickelback - Savin me

Nickelback - Photograph

Nickelback - S.E.X

Nickelback - Because of you

Kelly Clarkson - Because of you

Kelly Clarkson - Behind these hazel eyes

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