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PasswordsPro v2.3.1.0

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Program description

The program is designated to recover passwords for following types of hashes:


* MySQL5

* DES (Unix)

* MD4

* MD4 (Base64)

* MD4 (HMAC)

* MD5

* MD5 (Base64)

* MD5 (HMAC)

* MD5 (Unix)

* MD5 (APR)

* SHA-1

* SHA-1 (Base64)

* SHA-1 (HMAC)

* Domain Cached Credentials

As well as for hashes used by various PHP-programs:

* md5(md5($pass))

* md5(md5($pass).$salt)

* md5(md5($salt).md5($pass))

* sha1($username.$pass)

In the new version:

- Program speed is appreciably increased for simultaneous work with large number of hashes (this is true for all hashes which do not use SALTs - MD4, MD5, etc.)

- Ability to move selected users up and down in the list is added.

- Ability to mark selected users for attack is added.

- Bug fixed which could sometimes occur during brute-force attack causing the program to continue work after finishing forcing of selected passwords range (performing distributed attack).

Below comparative table is given for speed of current and previous versions of the program (on Athlon 64 3000+) for MD5 algorithm (the brute-force attack).

Number of hashes: 100

Speed on v2.3.0.0 (kp/s): 4794

Speed on v2.3.1.0 (kp/s): 4953

Number of hashes: 1000

Speed on v2.3.0.0 (kp/s): 1694

Speed on v2.3.1.0 (kp/s): 4531

Number of hashes: 5000

Speed on v2.3.0.0 (kp/s): 32

Speed on v2.3.1.0 (kp/s): 3222

Number of hashes: 10000

Speed on v2.3.0.0 (kp/s): 13

Speed on v2.3.1.0 (kp/s): 2698

Number of hashes: 20000

Speed on v2.3.0.0 (kp/s): 4.8

Speed on v2.3.1.0 (kp/s): 2043

Number of hashes: 40000

Speed on v2.3.0.0 (kp/s): 1.6

Speed on v2.3.1.0 (kp/s): 1373

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?7mntrzmzm4l

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