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Incearca PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player)


You can create and manage playlist for Youtube, DailyMotion videos and MV. Moreover, continuous playback, background playback, repeat playback are also supported.

The main features are as follows.

- Video search (YouTube, DailyMotion, NicoVideo, Vimeo)

- Category Search

- Playlist playback

- Background playback

- Repeat playback

- Shuffle playback

- Music mode

- Video cache function

- Low quality mode (for slow networks)

- Automatically stop when the earphone is disconnected.

- Open in PVSTAR when you open the URL in other app.

- Viewing related videos

- Widget

- Bookmark function for playlists and channels

- Keyword suggestion

[Very easy operation]

- Continuous playback of music ranking. Listen to popular songs at once!

- Video search by artist. Selected from the search results, continuous playback!

- By creating a mylist, you can assemble your own favorite album! Even a wallpaper can be set!

- Play YouTube playlists directly. It's not necessary to create a mylist!

- Playing in the background. You can listen while you work!

- You can play in the background, while you are out. Enjoy using your earphones!

- Set the sleep timer before going to sleep.

L.E. SirGod was faster :))

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