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Indian Copy/Paste shit about Glibc Ghost Vulnerability

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based buffer overflow in the __nss_hostname_digits_dots functi
on in glibc 2.2, and other
2.x versions before 2.18, allows context
dependent attackers to execute arbitrary code via
vectors related to the (1) gethostbyname or (2) gethostbyname2 function, aka "GHOST.
The GHOST vulnerability is a serious weakness in th
e Linux glibc library. It allows attackers to
remotely take complete control of the victim system without having any prior knowledge of
system credentials.
has been a
ssigned to this issue.
Qualys security researchers discovered this bug and worked closely with Linux distribution
vendors. And as a result of that we are releasing
today as a
effort, and
patches for all distribution are available January 27, 2015.

Read more: http://dl.packetstormsecurity.net/papers/general/securing-ghost.pdf

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BIG SHIT. Sa-i fut in inima pe toti indienii aia nespalati.

Jegosii astia au luat 95% Copy/Paste din advisory-ul initial si l-au publicat ca si cum ar fi facut cine stie ce studiu independent.


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