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new method to get free iphone 5,6 :3

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This method involves no credit card and just requires a small amount of social engineering.

The turnaround time is around 6 weeks(Maximum) however this can be more or less(Done it in 2 weeks before).

I have done this to the same drop a few times, however I wouldn’t recommend it.

This method involves a posting stuff hence the long turnaround time.

Around half the time, apple will refund you.

Ok to get this done first thing you will need is an apple serial with a warranty, There are many methods of getting these,

I personally just use the gumtree .co .uk or ebay .co .uk etc and send sellers a questions something along the lines of;

“Hi, Very interested in the Iphone5 you have advertised on XXSITE however I have been stung in the past with scams and alike,

Can I have the serial number on the back to check it is legit and not reported stolen?”

It really is that simple, and can be done for most products, Just set up a shitty temp email account and go to town, and you’ll have a shit load.

There are many other ways of blagging the information you need. However I personally have found this to be the best method.

Now, you have your serials, Smashing, What do you do with them?

Go to htt ps:// getsupport.apple. com/ GetSASO?

Select "use my current location"

Then enter the serial number and select the product (iPhone, iPad etc)

This next part will only work if the phone is within warranty, if it is not within warranty,

you will have to bug some more sellers on ebay for the serial number and hope that you find one within warranty.

When it tells you that your phone is within warranty just click on the “Set up a Repair” button and Make a new apple account

at your address(or your drop address) and complete the form and make a new apple.com account in your(or your drops) name also

The lovely folk at apple will send you a very nice protective box to return your iphone in, How thoughtful the bag is prepaid and insured.

There are several boxes inside boxes from apple, fuck knows why but anyhow get the prepaid package plastic envelope pop it in seal it.

Now, Rip that fucker open on the back, and take out the very insides smallest box that has an “imaginary” iphone inside.

Don’t make the hole too big. Now use a tiny bit of cello tape (Yeah I can’t spell it) and seal that bad-boy.

Take it to your local courier office (usps, fedex, royal mail etc) office. Ask them to post it and get your proof of postage.

And then, Wait for the magic email/phone call from apple saying something about your Iphone missing or whatever.

Basically all you do after this is wait about a week and go online, Check the status of your repair, hopefully it will say

“Repair box sent” this means apple have not got your iphone! Sweet, ring up and speak to cutomer services, they want a scan of your

Proof Of Postage, send them that and wait for a UPS tracking number. They are shit slow to respond however

after 3-4 weeks they tell you the score and refund you the cost of your lovely iphone. You can follow its “Repair” status online and in your email,

If nothing happens don’t ring them up straight away! Wait around 2-3 weeks.

Most of the time, you will get a new phone. One of my friends recieved a refund but whos complaining when youre getting free money?! Thanks for the attention.

PSD: Remove the spaces on the links

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