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Applicure Dotdefender WAF 5.13-13282 Cross Site Scripting

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Vulnerable soft: Applicure DotDefender (all versions)

Vendor's site: Download dotDefender 5.00 & 5.13

Vulnerabilities: Persistent XSS,Log forging,Potential DoS

When Discovered: 15 March 2015

Discovered by: AkaStep

Under some circumstances this is possible attack DotDefender's admin interface and as result conduct

PHISHING/Log forging/Potential Denial Of service against "Log Viewer" functionality.

The main reason of vulnerability: DotDefenders Developers trusts to X-Forwarded-for HTTP Header

and to it's variable (that is client side controllable) and sadly there is no any validation/sanitization of

that variable and it's val.

This vulnerability was successfully tested against for the following configurations:(in Lab/ Production


1) Apache Traffic Server ===> Apache 2.4

2) Apache 2.4 with mod_proxy.

Tested versions:(But other versions may also be affected)

  • • dotDefender Version: 5.12-13217
  • • Web Server Type: Apache
  • • Server Operating System: Linux
  • • Web Server Version: Unknown
  • • dotDefender Version: 5.13-13282
  • • Web Server Type: Apache
  • • Server Operating System: Linux
  • • Web Server Version: Unknown

Read more: http://packetstorm.wowhacker.com/1503-exploits/DotDefender-XSS.pdf

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