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Vand bruter cPanel + FTP [sursa python]

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Se vinde sursa bruter cPanel + FTP facut in python, threaded.

Este mult mai avansat decat alte ragalii publice, are anumiti algoritmi de creere a userilor, nu incearca doar pe user de lungime 8 caractere sau chestii de genu..

Se creeaza pana la 50 combinatii de useri, se pot adauga la lista (la inceput sau la final) si useri predefiniti gen www, ftp, admin etc...

Brute-ul se face in ordinea user pass ip , pentru a mari timpul dintre requesturi si implicit a evita anumite sisteme de anti-brute.

Toate update-urile sunt gratuite si anuntate in acest topic (daca nu se inchide sau ceva).

Pretul este de 100$.

Accept doar BTC / BTC-e USD code.

PM pentru jabber.



Selling threaded python source for cPanel + FTP bruter.

More advanced than other public shit bruters, it has certain algorhytms for user generation, it doesn't do the usual 8 character lenght user or stuff like that.

It creates up to 50 username combinations, and you can add more predefined at begining or end of users list, users like www, ftp etc...

The brute is made in user pass ip order, to increase the time between requests and avoiding certain anti-brute sistems .

Price is 100$.

Accepting only BTC / BTC-e USD code.

PM for jabber id.

Thank you.

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