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Delete Pass Hard

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Incearca aici.

Mai exista si acest utilitar free. Vezi ce scrie in documentatie la capitolul "Security commands".

Security commands

Use PWD command to lock a drive with defined user password. According to ATA/ATAPI standard, you have to repower the drive to make password setting active.

There are two commands to unlock drives: UNLOCK and DISPWD. UNLOCK just unlocks a drive till the next power cycle. To disable password you have to UNLOCK drive first, then use DISPWD command to disable the password. You have to know the password to use unlock or disable password commands. UNLOCK and DISPWD will ask you which kind of password you will enter: master or user. For example, PWD command sets USER password.

Master password is set by manufacturer and can be used to unlock a drive.

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mai poti incerca cu un linux live unde ai nevoie de utilitarul hdparm si cu un adaptor usb pentru hdd.

Adaptorul ai nevoie de el in caz ca nu-ti trece de BIOS fara parola (poti incerca sa-l "pacalesti" si scotand hdd-ul inainte de boot si sa-l bagi la loc dupa ce-a trecut de parola).


Sper sa te ajute informatia (asta daca nu m-am trezit prea tarziu).

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