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Facebook redirections through "X mentioned you in a comment"

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Disclaimer: Method already known and used by others

1. Add comments plugin to an initial landing page (in the screenshot it's ***.ro/test.php)

2. Post comment mentioning the victim's name (@your_victim)

3. Edit test.php and add some redirection script (document.location = "http://evilsite.com/etc"; )

4. Victim will get a notification like this one:


and will most likely click it => redirect to your landing page and from there to anywhere (endless posibilities)

Ofcourse this can be automated with bots. Auto spread (downloaders, chrome extensions auto install, etc) & auto post => millions of redirects

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Asta voiam sa postez si eu la amiaza sa intreb care ii faza, dar am zis ca o voi face seara. Am patit si eu tot asa.



Asta-l linkul unde m-a redirectionat: http://elephantsusa.org/toa2bj7b3ua0695gs8jy?fb_comment_id=1058829804138714_1058829837472044&comment_id=1058829837472044

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Am patit si eu de dimineata si nu am avut timp sa postez, dar in unul din cazuri ma trimitea pe un site care vroia sa imi instaleze un addon pe chrome - BUZ parca se numea....

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