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Project Shellcode Development Framework

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Hello RST:

Shellcode Tutorials | Project Shellcode




The following are tutorials on how to write Windows shellcode for beginners through to advanced.

Maded by : Ty Miller http://www.projectshellcode.com

and it's not available .. NO MORE ....

So .. here you can download it as a book .. all in one PDF

Hope You Find It Useful




Shellcode Tutorial 1: Introduction and Tools Setup

Gives an intro into shellcode and steps you through setting up your environment.

Shellcode Tutorial 2: My First Simple Shellcode

Steps you through creating and testing very simple shellcode.

Shellcode Tutorial 3: Windows Command Execution Shellcode

Define and locate a string constant, and use it to create a new administrative Windows user.

Shellcode Tutorial 4: Message Box Shellcode

Teaches you how to load libraries, call simple functions, and execute them.

Shellcode Tutorial 5: Function Hash Generation

Defining and using constants, more complex functions, generating function hashes, and an introduction to OllyDbg!

Shellcode Tutorial 6: Dynamic Shellcode

Dynamically locate Kernel32 and function addresses. No more hardcoded addreses!

Shellcode Tutorial 7: Introduction to Sockets - Portbind Shellcode

Dynamic shellcode that loads ws2_32.dll and creates a listening port that provides a command shell to remote users.

Shellcode Tutorial 8: Introduction to Networking - Connectback Shellcode

Dynamic shellcode that initializes a connection back to the attacker and connects them to a command shell on the compromised system.

Shellcode Tutorial 9: Generating Shellcode Using Metasploit

Use the Metasploit Exploit Framework web interface and msfpayload command to generate various shellcode for different platforms in a range of formats.




File: Project Shellcode Development Framework.pdf

CRC-32: 130372df

MD4: a8dc3c59cac4797c555e3a9f20aaa642

MD5: 54f473cb20951c80f0b06e222b26ab06

SHA-1: ab0890de6346604f6f6ad7a2c20de890921e66d4


Size:1.35 MB

Download Book

Tools Used (part1 Contents) :

all files will be available here .. Just some Minutes


Ok .. the link Contain tools used + skape paper + Steve Hanna article + 2 Books

Note :

You can Use any Metasploit Version it's not included

because my Fu**ing Limited internet .....

Tools Used

Size: 14.8 MB

Password: infected

why? because 'shellcode-compiler.sh' AV will catch it .. :(



and Of Course Thanks Ty Miller :-/

Edited by NO-MERCY
add link for Tools Used
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