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  2. pe telegram e si mai si.dar intradevar sunt lucruri interesante
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  4. Does your mother know what you are doing on the internet?
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  6. Foloseste evil twin. Cu dictionar attack ai prea mult timp de asteptat. Si apropo , defaultul de la Digi e din hexadecimal abcdef 0-9
  7. This seems to indicate that I possess a phone and seek to hide it. It may be difficult for you to comprehend, but not everyone has the means to buy a phone. Anyway, interaction with you about this thus far has lead to nothing so I'll just ignore you hereafter. Please have a nice day.
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  9. I use my personal number because I have nothing to hide , can't advise otherwise
  10. I think I spent over three hours searching Google. It is not possible from what I've seen to access Telegram without having an actual mobile phone. I tried Textnow, Twilio, Burner, Google Voice, Skype, etc. They all now require phone verification. If you know of some alternate method, please share because I have not seen anything so far.
  11. Hello all, If there anyone who want to start their cybersecurity career as SOC Analyst. You can use SOC Analyst training LetsDefend for free
  12. Nytro

    Rst Beer time?

    Pe 20 am deja planificata o alta iesire la bere, sa vad cum e vremea la munte pentru sambata, daca plec iar...
  13. bio.sh

    Rst Beer time?

    Personal zic da pentru ambele
  14. Nytro

    Rst Beer time?

    Pe 22, in weekend? Eu in principiu as putea in timpul saptamanii, in weekenduri de obicei sunt plecat din oras (la partie, daca se baga careva )
  15. Q: "What makes you qualified for this position?" A: "I have no life" ....YOU'RE HIRED
  16. Facem o intrevedere prin Centru pe 20(weekendul viitor) despre bere si security (sau poate doar bere) ? Yey or ney?
  17. E si multa trolleala...dar daca esti atent gasesti multe lucruri misto
  18. Sarmale stii sa faci? Da-l in ma-sa de IT. Ca bucatar se castiga bine
  19. Numai chestii interesante pe acolo, lol ­čść
  20. Thank you, however I found that thread a few days ago and as another poster mentioned, the link does not include all Pentester Academy courses unfortunately. I'm still trying to find a way to access Telegram without a phone number, but it seems impossible.
  21. Toata lumea vrea full time cu disponibilitate 24/7 si exclusivitate pe sclav, pe resursa, pe talent.
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  23. https://raidforums.com/Thread-­čö░-Pentester-Academy-All-Courses-­čö░
  24. Curiozitate sa fie, in rest o sa-ti dai seama singur cu timpul
  25. Vreau si eu sa generez macar 3k dolari pe luna, asa ca hobby.
  26. cum as putea sa descopar ceva ce nu stiu sa fac?
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