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  1. https://hackaday.com/2023/02/21/youtube-as-infinite-file-storage/
  2. interesant podcastul . thanks for sharing . Eu ascult cand fac sport.
  3. Misto poti sa dai statul in judecata . Ce sa zic , mistral si gemma-7b pentru AI local pe DB-ul tau si QLora training , pot face minuni . Imi place de cloudflare , ei ofera aproape gratis api-uri pentru aste. Sunt curios ce se va intampla cu cip-urile (vezi ,https://groq.com/)
  4. incearca sa iti tragi https://github.com/Jackett/Jackett pe local si cauta , imposibil sa nu gasesti cursurile
  5. Summary According to BleepingComputer, a ransomware attack that occurred starting 0n February 11 forced 100 hospitals across Romania to take their systems offline. BackMyData ransomware, which took credit for it, belongs to the Phobos family. The malware embedded an AES key that is used to decrypt its configuration containing whitelisted extensions, files, and directories, a public RSA key that is used to encrypt AES keys used for files’ encryption, and other information. Persistence is achieved by creating an entry under the Run registry key and copying the malware to the Startup folder. The ransomware encrypts the local drives as well as the network shares. It deletes all Volume Shadow Copies and runs commands to disable the firewall. Full Article https://cybergeeks.tech/a-technical-analysis-of-the-backmydata-ransomware-used-to-attack-hospitals-in-romania/
  6. neah , am scos to din ispa si il antrenez pe contentul respectiv
  7. m-am luat tare de LLM-uri, antrenez ceva pentru bmw
  8. Cyberpanel pentru webhost si ai access la tot
  9. Exista pe vremea ODC++ o baza de date destul de maricica cu cnp-uri si nume si prenume. Vb de 2002-2005
  10. Ilegal . se poate inchide. Reason: nu stie ce vrea, nu ofera api, ---- Ce doreste domnul este un sistem de verificare number/wasupp
  11. interesat ti-am trimis pm .Banuiesc ca api-ul platesti pentru el ?
  12. la cate posturi are nu prezinta garantie
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