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  1. Haker n'avem, insa iti pot recomanda un gigolo premium ptr mama ta; @aismen
  2. https://streamable.com/1dn20
  3. spider

    win 7

    Update la drivere mai repede.. https://drp.su/en let me google that for you
  4. @archerise , incearca cu asta: Router Default Password
  5. Nu stiu ce tot incerci sa instalezi, eu in ultimul upload ti-am pus varianta pe 32bits. ps, acum am vazut ca ai netul activ.. acolo scrie clar, cu rosu, cat China, sa dai disable la net! "1. Install in just two clicks, disabled Internet-connection is required"
  6. @TNIcountry ,download-> here pass: rst
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