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    E-mail Marketing

    "Acces Gate Project Manager" - adica paznic " email marketing " adica spam infect. un rahat in polei, tot rahat ramane ps. mu3 la spameri.
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    Salut , Careva care se pricepe la php html etc.. ?

    V-am zis ca tipul e bulangiu
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    Salut , Careva care se pricepe la php html etc.. ?

    too fishy La pariu ca e are nevoie de vreo pagina de scam sau ceva de genu'
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    Vand Cont STEAM cu 150+ Jocuri

    Posted November 10, 2012 Esti mai prost decat prevede legea psd-ista.
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    Despre clonarea de carduri

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/10PCS-Aluminum-Safety-Shield-Extra-blocker-Sleeve-Case-for-RFID-au/172318305426?epid=18002692518&hash=item281ef8ac92:g:EhwAAOSwMtxXvrrV 3 lei / 10 buc. cu transport cu tot, din China.
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    Email firme - promovare

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    Ofer invitatii FILELIST

    Intra si spune-ti povestea aici; daca e adevarata, te vor ajuta cu siguranta. /server irc.filelist.ro /join #filelist /join #english (for English language only) /join #support (doar pentru probleme)
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    Cumpar !!!

    Iti faci cont pe team4play - la sectiunea pay for vip ai hack la 14 $.
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    Iphone data recovery

    0 sanse sa mai recuperezi ceva.
  11. Dai lui @robert_bosssss un pm si te ajuta sigur.
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    Fun stuff

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    Exa PowerFLOW 5.3c

    zzzZZZZzzzz.......... Nu-i da nimeni ban lu' spameru asta ? @SirGod
  14. Summit is a stepping stone toward a world of exascale computing. The winner: The US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has taken the wraps off Summit, which boasts peak computing power of 200 petaflops, or 200 million billion calculations a second. That makes it a million times faster than your typical laptop. The loser: China. Summit is 60 percent faster than the previous supercomputing leader, the Sunway TaihuLight based in the Chinese city of Wuxi. Consolation prize: China still boasted way more entries than the US in a list of the fastest 500 supercomputers published last year. AI smarts: Summit is the first supercomputer designed from the ground up to handle machine learning, neural networks, and other AI applications. Its many thousands of AI-optimized chips from Nvidia and IBM can handle demanding tasks, such as crunching through mountains of reports and medical images to help unearth hidden causes of disease. Supersized: The machine’s 4,608 servers and associated gear fill the space of two tennis courts and weigh more than a large commercial aircraft. Why this matters: Topping the supercomputing charts isn’t just a matter of national pride. The machines are widely used in industry and also for national security tasks, such as developing nuclear weapons. Lessons from Summit will also inform the push to create “exascale” computers capable of handling a billion billion calculations a second. These are expected to come online in the early 2020s. Sursa:
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    Fun stuff

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    Investeste cineva in arme de CS:GO ?

    Cum nu ? armele reale de pe piata neagra :))) Il vedem la stiri peste cateva zile pe che arestat ptr trafic de armament. Bai Che.... esti extrem de polivalent frate, te infigi in toate si nu te alegi cu nimic
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    Ziua lu' Kasmir

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    Problema Allview P6 Pro

    http://www.ziarulargesul.ro/dus-de-doua-ori-la-reparat-telefonul-apeleaza-singur-la-112/ Acelasi tel ca al tau, scapa de el cat mai repede.
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    Hotu striga hotu :)))
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    [Request] Crypter Fud

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    Sms bomber