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Informatii parola criptata

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Salut, am urmatoarul output de la o parola dintr-o baza de date mai veche, ce reprezinta fiecare in parte?


sha256 - modul de criptare

1000 - ?

afMG4GHoH0gR1YsZz3Odq6W3n1M7wTUG - ? (presupun ca salt-ul)

gjbZhnxB9K0im16imrc+yDM23q+8n1Wm - ? (rezultatul final)

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Daca dai search pe net gasesti link catre Attendance Login System, ceva "Simple application for employee attendance" bazat pe CodeIgniter - locul din care provine hash-ul tau, cel mai probabil. Scrie in README ca parola este "admin".


Mergand mai departe, In libraria de management de parole gasesti modalitatea de generare, verificare, etc. a parolelor. In special, gasesti si segmentele:

	const HASH_SECTIONS = 4;
	const HASH_SALT_INDEX = 2;
	const HASH_PBKDF2_INDEX = 3;

sha256 - algoritmul

1000 - numarul de iteratii

afMG... - salt

gjbZ... - functia de derivare, info mai jos in cod

	 * PBKDF2 key derivation function as defined by RSA's PKCS #5: https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2898.txt
	 * $algorithm - The hash algorithm to use. Recommended: SHA256
	 * $password - The password.
	 * $salt - A salt that is unique to the password.
	 * $count - Iteration count. Higher is better, but slower. Recommended: At least 1000.
	 * $key_length - The length of the derived key in bytes.
	 * $raw_output - If true, the key is returned in raw binary format. Hex encoded otherwise.
	 * Returns: A $key_length-byte key derived from the password and salt.
	 * Test vectors can be found here: https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc6070.txt
	 * This implementation of PBKDF2 was originally created by https://defuse.ca
	 * With improvements by http://www.variations-of-shadow.com


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