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England: Illegal migrants being tested for coronavirus while medical staff aren’t

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Illegal migrants arriving in England from France are being tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19) while many healthcare professionals are being denied testing.

On Tuesday morning, 22 migrants were picked up in the English Channel near Kent by the UK’s Border Force. The men identified themselves as Iranian citizens. They were detained and given tests for coronavirus infection, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

“They were taken on board the cutters and brought to Dover where they received further medical assessment, which will include looking for the symptoms of coronavirus,” a Home Office spokesman told The Daily Mail.

At the same time, British medical staff have been complaining that they are not receiving tests for the coronavirus despite having to work with patients who are suffering from it, and in some cases they themselves are already exhibiting symptoms. Both The Guardian and The Telegraph have reported on British healthcare professionals who have talked of the absence of testing among the ranks of those who are serving on the front lines of the battle against the epidemic. This will almost certainly lead to a further deepening of the crisis as fewer medical personnel will be available to work as they become ill themselves, and spread it to other staff and patients.

“We have received no advice at all to take any measures to reduce spread in the hospital,” a consultant cardiologist at a major British hospital told The Telegraph. “Where the South Koreans were attending hospital in full hazmat suits, I will be arriving in my suit and tie tomorrow with nothing to prevent me catching it, and working in an operating theatre that a Covid patient was in on Friday, nobody aware that he had it, and the staff members I will be working with, will all have been in contact with that patient. So, the NHS is just about to explode in terms of absences, simultaneously with the patient explosion. All entirely predictable.”

Mark Gallagher, a consultant cardiologist, similarly told The Guardian that the National Health Service (NHS) is “abandoning the basic principles for dealing with an epidemic, which are to test whenever possible, trace contacts and contain. Almost all individual physicians I know feel that what they are doing is wrong.”

It is estimated that approximately 3,000 migrants are living at camps along the northern French coast, and they frequently attempt to cross the Channel despite their status as refugees in France. The charity Care4Calais has said that there are no known cases of coronavirus in the camps as of yet, but that it is only a matter of time given the poor sanitary conditions in them. The number of people who volunteer for service in the camps has also dropped sharply since the outbreak.

Of the ones who are intercepted by the Border Force while crossing the Channel, few are ever repatriated. And they will doubtless keep coming, coronavirus or not, and it seems that they will continue to be welcomed as refugees into the UK. But with Britain’s NHS already stretched to its limits, it is clear where the county’s priorities lie — and it’s not with the British people. Sursa/ Voice Of Europe care a citat la randul sau din The Guardian si Daily Mail


Sa nu dea domnu sa fie asa si la noi cu etnicii "neprecizati"...care s-au intors de la ridicat Romania peste hotare...


Video aici: „Români proști! H***r! În țigani nu dă coronavirusul, în voi da! O să muriți!”. Tigancă blocată la graniță, blesteme, în fața camerei de filmat! VIDEO

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