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pt toti jucatori de strategii on-line

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Presupun ca sunt multi useri care le plac jocurile on-line ( mai ales ca asta nu are sfarsit ) probabil ca nici nu va place dar acest joc o sa va capteze interesu ( SpiridusCaddy e deja in joc si ii place destul de mult ) , mai sus am zis ca nu are sfarsit , da chiar asa este......nimeni nu a ajuns la un capat de linie la acest joc.

Detalii about the game - OGame is a game of intergalactic conquest. You start out with just one undeveloped world and turn that into a mighty empire able to defend your hard earned colonies. Create an economic and military infrastructure to support your quest for the next greatest technological achievements. Wage war against other empires as you struggle with other players to gain the materials . Negotiate with other emperors and create an alliance or trade for much needed resources. Build an armada to enforce your will throughout the universe. Hoard your resources behind an impregnable wall of planetary defences. Whatever you wish to do, OGame can let you do it. Will you terrorize the area around you? Or will you strike fear into the hearts of those who attack the helpless?

In OGame, YOU are the emperor.

Eu , Caddy si inca 4 prieteni avem o alianta in univers 1 ( asa ne putem trasporta unu la altu resurse sau nave..etc ) cine vrea sa joace si stie desigur , sa-mi dea un PM daca vrea sa-l ajut in legatura cu jocu

adresa jocului este - http://ogame.org/

Enjoy ( mie imi place enorm de mult jocu si in curand il facem .ro ) :P

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