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incerc de ceva timp sa fac in visual basic 2008 un prog care trimite mail dar nu cu smtp de la gmail cu un smtp simplu dar nu merge sa trimita si cand il bag pe ala de la gmail merge

Asta e codul:

Imports System.Web

Imports System.IO

Imports System.Net.Mail

Public Class Form1

Private Sub btnSayHello_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSayHello.Click

Dim mail As New MailMessage

Dim SmtpServer As New SmtpClient

SmtpServer.Credentials = New Net.NetworkCredential("kame@pule-online.eu", "ikariam1")

SmtpServer.Port = 485

SmtpServer.Host = "mail.tupac.eu"

SmtpServer.EnableSsl = True

SmtpServer.EnableSsl = True


mail.From = New MailAddress("kame@pula-online.eu")

mail.Subject = TextBox2.Text

mail.Body = TextBox1.Text

Dim smtp As New Net.Mail.SmtpClient("", 8181)


End Sub

End Class

Am gresit ceva?

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