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Comenzi root

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w , uptime = arata de cate zile este serverul sus

id, whoami = arata dreptul pe care il avem pe root: apache sau root

ls, dir = arata continutul unui folder

rm -rf = aterge un folder sau fisier

Impachetez un fisier -> tar chf fisier.tar fisier

-> tar zcd fisier.tar director

Vad ip la un server -> ping -c1 yahoo.com

/sbin/ipchains -A input --destination-port -p tcp -j REJECT

route add -host ip-ul reject -> Inchid un port anume

cat /proc/cpuinfo -> Informatii despre sistem

rpm -Uhv arhiva -> despachetez arhiva rpm

gzip -9 ex.tar -> modifik extensia tar in tar.gz

/usr/sbin/useradd -o -u 0 http -> fak shell

cat /etc/issue -> vad versiunea de linux

gcc program.c -o program -> compilez un program

df -h -> vad cat re hardu

/etc/rc.d/init.d -> Afisate Pidurile

cat /etc/hosts -> Vad Vhosturile

netstat -aut -> VAd cine mai ii pe roata

cat /etc/*release -> Vad versiunea de linux

cat /etc/hosts -> Vad hosturile

alias ls='dir --color=tty'-> Bag ls

/usr/sbin/userdel user -> Sterg user

find / -name ".. " -print -xdev ->caut foldere ascunse

find / -name ".*" -print -xdev | cat -v ->caut foldere ascunse

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