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Recomandare carti securitate

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Salut, uite aici :

HACKING EXPOSED - Computer forensics second edition by AAron Philipp

HACKING EXPOSED - Linux 3rd edition

HACKING EXPOSED - Malware & Rootkits

Hackers heroes of the computer revolution by Steven Levy

Grey Hat Hacking - The ethical Hacker's handbook 3rd edition

Network Security Hacks 2nd edition - Tips & Tools for Protecting Your Privacy by Andrew Lockhart

Network Security Assessment 2nd Edition by Chris McNab

Linux Server Hacks 100 Industrial-Strength Tips&Tools by Rob Flickenger

Nmap 6: Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook - Paulino Calderon Pale

Network Back-up with Bacula How-To by Eugene Pankov

Wireshark Starter by Abhinav Singh

Network Warrior 2nd edition by Gary A. Donabue

Packet Guide to Core Network Protocols by Bruce Hartpence

Network Security with OpenSSL By Pravir Chandra, Matt Messier, John Viega

SSH, the Secure Shell The Definitive Guide

the myths of security - what the computer security industry doesn't want you to know by John viega

Wireless and Mobile Network Security by Hakima Chaouchi

Backtrack 4 : Assuring Security by Peneration Testing by Shakeel Ali

Rootkits for Dummies

Cisco Router Configuration Handbook Second Edition

Cisco ASA

All-in-One Firewall, IPS, Anti-X, and VPN Adaptive Security Appliance, Second Edition

Cisco Firewalls by Alexandre Matos da Silva Pires de Moraes

Building Internet Firewalls by Elizabeth D. Zwicky, Simon Cooper & D. Brent Chapman Second Edition, June 2000

Wolfgang Barth - Nagios- System and Network Monitoring

Pro DNS and BIND 10 - A complete reference to DNS and BIND - Ron Aitchison

DNS and BIND on IPv6 by Cricket Liu

Cam atat am in colectie momentan :)

Pun links de DL cand am timp :-S ( Mie greu sa le urc acum )

PS: Majoritatea sunt luate de pe : it-ebooks.info ( Sa nu se considere reclama :) )

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