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[iFunBox's Feature] No Jailbreak SSH

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ifunbox este un file explorer pentru utilizatorii de iphone, ipad etc.. am testat acest program si este super foarte util.

No Jailbreak SSH

Manage files on your iPhone/iPad just like Windows Explorer on your PC, but in a more robust and friendly way.

Fast browsing root file system with full file operations supported including recursive folder drag&drop from/to Windows Explorer and other applications.

On-the-fly thumbnail previewing for images in any directories. Pretty handy for editing iOS system config files, clearing caches and logs on iPhone and iPad, replacing carrier logo and Springboard themes.

Here's a list of the most common folders in the iOS file system. Please note, if your device is still jailed you are NOT able to see these folders.


This is where pre-installed native apps and jailbreak apps are installed.


This is where the pre-installed ringtones are stored. User-purchased ringtones are placed in /private/var/mobile/Media/Ringtones


This is where Wallpapers and Lockscreens are stored.


This folder contains cached data from applications, which can be deleted safely. A backup beforehand is recommended.


This folder contains applications that were downloaded from the App Store.


This folder contains all the pictures you have taken on the iPhone.

/private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes Control

iTunes stores its media files and preferences here.

/private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes Control/Music

This folder contains music and videos added via iTunes. Files are randomly renamed, but the content can be identified by reading the tags on the media files.


You can customize Summerboard Themes here.


This is where iPhone Address Book is stored.


This folder contains audio files recorded by software like VNotes.


This folder contains ringtones transferred by software like iBrickr.


This is where text messages are stored.


This is where PDF files are stored.


This folder contains temporary data.


This folder contains audio files used by the user interface for various events.


This folder holds all of the system fonts.

/System/Library/Carrier Bundles

Every carrier setting is here. Every folder has a shortcut with a number (from 00101 to 74810).


SpringBoard is the standard application that manages the iOS home screen, providing graphical services ranging from icon badges, the dock, multitasking and so on.

download Download iFunBox

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