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Television program "CyberWar"

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Hello every one.

At the moment i am preparing a tv program about cyber criminality and how people can protect them selfs against it. For the simple reason that many people become victim from cyber crimes in such big order that it harms our countries, economies and even our healthcare systems and inocent people. And as Snowden showed us, we got a lot of spywhere from other nations where we are not allowed to vote.

If there are here serious people who understand the importance of the protection against cyber crimes, and are willing to cooperate then you can send me a PM ofcourse. Or leave a reaction here what you think is important to be treaded in this program.

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70 views and not one reaction....are there no serious people here?

Somebody who works in network cecurity and who would like to be interviewd about his or her point of view on cyber criminality can also react.

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