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Seo Tools for Excel Free

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Seo Tools for Excel


On-page SEO

By installing the SeoTools for Excel add-in your get access to a set of functions that are useful when working with online marketing. For on-page SEO analysis you have functions like HtmlH1, HtmlTitle and HtmlMetaDescription which you can use to verify that your pages are correctly setup.

Off-page SEO

SeoTools also comes in handy when looking at off-page SEO factors. Using CheckBacklink you can verify that your backlinks are still available and with GooglePageRank you can fetch PageRanks for multiple urls at ease.


SeoTools comes packed with integrations to other marketing platforms. Use the Google Analytics integration to build your own automated KPI reports or Majestic to analyze your backlink profile. Some integrations are available for free while others require a Pro subscription.


By building your own Scraper using our XML format you can extend SeoTools to integrate with an external API or fetch a particular part of any webpage. SeoTools includes with over 25 open-source scrapers such as Facebook.Likes, Google.Results and Youtube.


With the Spider you can combine all the features in SeoTools into a powerful webpage crawler. Either supply the Spider with a list of urls or start with a root url.

Other Tools

Excel is an invaluable tool for any online marketer but some features are missing. SeoTools provides you with over 100 helper functions like XPathOnUrl, RegexpFind, DomainAge, SpinText and UrlProperty. Read the documentation for a full function reference.


Download Page


Pro Version

Pro edition only €49/year

With Pro your get:

Adfree! (no startup screen)

Unlimited pagecrawls with the amazing SeoTools Spider

Unlimited result rows in Google Analytics and MCF reporting

Google Adwords integration (requires API key)

SEMrush, Ahrefs and SEOlytics integrations

Email support

The incredible feeling of contributing to the future development of this amazing tool!

SEMrush integration


Integrated features



Competitors in organic search

Competitors in paid search

Display advertisers

Domain organic search keywords

Domain overview

Domain paid search keywords

Indexed pages

Keyword difficulty

Keyword overview

Organic results

Paid results

Phrase match keywords

Referring domains

Referring ips

Related keywords

Url organic search keywords

Url paid search keywords

This integration requires SeoTools Pro, a SEMrush subscription and a SEMrush API package.


Se poate face crack la versiunea Pro!?

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