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  1. caut, Bots, Flooders etc. pentru Direct Connect p2p mulțumesc
  2. Good day, I managed to find a list of files and flooders for DC. I was hoping someone had these or some of them. Here Goes: alex torello chobit-bot.exe apocalypse te.exe blue technologies flooder 2.0 dh-mechadrome ''eden''4.exe chibi chibi hub security beta 0.121.exe connectflood.exe cypher - matrix userflood.exe cypher - venom.exe cypher - zombie.exe cyphers hub spammer.exe cyphers mini_moon dc spammer.exe dc attacker.exe dc client attacker.exe dc hack 0.1.4a.exe dc hub flood.exe dc pm flooder.exe dc ptokax hub filler.exe destroy team - chat flooder.exe destroy team - rox bot.exe destroy team - rox hub flooder.exe destroy team ad zone hub flooder 2.exe destroy team destroyer ii.exe destroy team destroyer.exe destroy team flooder.exe direct connect hub destroyer beta 2.exe exploit dc++ hub fucker.exe ghost hub.exe gohanhubstritolator v.1.0.exe goku'z idc++ incasinator ascii v.2.0.exe hackers assistant.exe hackers++ hack++.exe hub crasher.exe jackal5 flooder 1.5.exe kingofska's antispam bot.exe kingofska's op flooder for yhub 0.338.exe kingofska's rullapapere 6.exe kisaragi hub security bot.exe meka][meka - direct connect elite advertiser.exe meka][meka - e-destroyer.exe meka][meka - flava distributor.exe meka][meka - kick menu flooder - [-te-]flooder.exe meka][meka - ocean destructer.exe meka][meka - xbot 2 (user spam version).exe opzone hubflooder\hubflooder.exe rox][rox - apocalypse.exe rox][rox - hell zone main chat flood.exe rox][rox - kaczor donald chat flooder 0.5.exe rox][rox - mckwacz chat spammer 0.9.exe rullapapere2.5.exe ruri_ruri azurewaters.exe ruri_ruri chat spammer.exe ruri_ruri crimson.exe ruri_ruri hub destroyer ii.exe ruri_ruri hub destroyer iii.exe ruri_ruri hub destroyer iiii.exe ruri_ruri hub destroyer iv.exe ruri_ruri hub destroyer.exe ruri_ruri hub flooder.exe ruri_ruri knuckles hub bot.exe ruri_ruri kurumi chat bot.exe ruri_ruri midnight sun.exe ruri_ruri multi-client flooder.exe ruri_ruri pink~sugar~baby.exe ruri_ruri pretty^soldier.exe ruri_ruri quick ping.exe ruri_ruri yhub client flooder.exe ruri_ruri yhub opchat flood.exe sailor flooder .hack-ruri.exe shroom flooder.exe slifer.exe super dc client attacker.exe utbflooder.exe xbot(m version).exe yhub client flooder.exe [-te-]-flood bot! hahaha.exe [bmb]fucca.exe [ruri][ruri] steel angel.exe ][-][ackers++ - zombie.exe ][-][ackerz++ - hub destroyer iii.exe ][-][ackerz++ - mini_moon.exe ][-][ackerz++ - steel angel.exe ][-][ackerz++ - apcolypse.exe ][-][ackerz++ - azurewaters.exe ][-][ackerz++ - blaster.exe ][-][ackerz++ - demolition.exe ][-][ackerz++ - flava distributor.exe ][-][ackerz++ - hub destroyer ii.exe ][-][ackerz++ - hub destroyer.exe ][-][ackerz++ - knuckles bot.exe ][-][ackerz++ - lunar.exe ][-][ackerz++ - [ x-men ].exe ][-][ackerz++ - ~omega~ bot.exe Thanks for looking
  3. Hello, Does anyone here used to use DC++? I am looking for some of the old DC hub flooders. Meka and Ruri flooders preferably. They are very old but maybe someone might still have them? Thx
  4. Greetings Hello, I was hoping someone on here might still have some DC++ flooders. I did a search and found quite a few results for Ruri_Ruri and Meka Meka flooders on here but the links are all dead because they were old posts. I was just wanting to see if anyone might have any of these laying around. Can't find Ruri_Ruri or any of TeamElite flooders either. Anything would be awesome if they don't mind sharing these programs if they happen to have them. Thanks All!!
  5. Hello, I was wanting to request hub flooders by Ruri_Ruri for DC++ If anyone happens to have these still it would be awesome to have any of these. Thanks for your time. Thank You
  6. Can someone please reupload this if they have it? Thank You
  7. Can someone please reupload any of these. I would really like to have any of these even if it's only one Thank You
  8. Does anyone still have these? I would really like to have any of them. please let me know Thanks
  9. do you have an alternative link please? Thanks
  10. Can someone reupload please? Thanks
  11. Does anyone still happen to have these anywhere? Thanks
  12. Does someone perhaps have any of these tools anywhere? I can't find them anywhere Thanks
  13. Hey guys speaking of teamelite and alt hacker hub does anyone happend to have any hub flooders lying around still?
  14. Hey great info on this. Was wondering if you may have flooders for DC? new or old?
  15. By chance does anyone still know where to find these?
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