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  1. chiar nu ai ceva mai interesant de facut ?
  2. @quadxenon cred ca in romania nu stiti ce este spell-check
  3. salut ma numesc romeo (nu cred ca era greu de inteles), sunt un baiat caruia ii place haking... ehm cred ca ieste mai bine daca scriu in engleza xD So... I'm rom3ocrash an italian (but my parents are rumanian) pasioned of computer secority, i like work al low level, currently i try to make a dissasembler for a microcontroller, l have a good knowledge of x86 and arm assembly, i'm a good programmer in C and python, i prefer python but when work at low level i need c and... currently use a linux sistem (slakware <3) ok stop if u have other questions ask xD sunt aici pentru ca am fost intrigat de faptul ca am vazut un paper in romana per www.exploit-db.com imi face placere ca si in romania sunt proiect de acest tip see ya
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