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  1. 50 posts is not something that I can afford. I'm looking to close a deal with someone really fast and start working on this project. let me know if there is something that can be done to accelerate this. thanks.
  2. not sure if there is a definition for this, and I even prefer a metamorphic solution, but let me provide more details about what i'm looking for: 1. Static and Runtime FUD and must bypass all proactives. 2. Must have long FUD time including nod32. 3. Hidden start-up. 4. Custom icon/assembly 5. Other shit like: melt file, protect process, persistance, fake error message, etc 6. Exclusivity + Source code I will make the required adaptations on my source code so that in runtime the code should be encrypted / decrypted. Hope this put more light on my requirements.
  3. Hi, i'm looking for a strong "Ninja" to develop a polymorphic crypter in C++/ASM. if you have the knowledge & experience and interesting in such a project, please PM me: quantommachine@yahoo.com
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