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  1. Anybody selling here high severity 0 days? let me know.
  2. Well, we can show official request papers from the government on location if requered
  3. Dear Members/Companies, We are looking for companies who wish to collaborate on finding high severity 0days on specific devices for governmental purposes. More ideally, current existing private 0days or if anybody know markets where to shop for these, please contact me. Looking for 0days of cisco (IOS) and large Huawei routers.
  4. Hi, Do you guys know good web security companies in Romania or surroundings? If so, please provide me their websites. Thank you
  5. Dear crew, Does anybody know where to find a vendor in 0days on a professional level? Also are there here researchers available for work? contact me please.
  6. Any individuals or small group of individuals looking for a job researching for a highly confidential project? contact me please.
  7. Dear members, We are looking for a 0day with a high cvss for cisco/huawei products. We are willing to pay a substantial amount for it. If you have anything serious let us know. Companies preferred. Kind Regards, M.
  8. Aside from our previous topic we are in urgent need of two highly professional web/software security audit specialists to work with us in Spain. We are offering housing, food, entertainment and 4000-5000 EUR/Month. If interested, contact us.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I understand your concern but this is a start-up company with a large list of clients (coming from own contacts). So we don't have a website or anything to show currently, as we are first in need of a team! Do you know any more highly recommendable existing security companies? I highly appreciate the website you have provided. We are looking for experts in the Web/Software security audit area. Please let me know. Thanks!
  10. Dear, Q: How will be the money paid? It's okay if I send the invoices? If yes, than I can understand that 2000 euros are the real salary and not the net one, right? A: The money will be paid through bank/paypal or any other similar electronic service. It's the real salary indeed to start with. Q: You are interested only in full-time people? A: Yes, we need to start with a full-time team of 4 people (composed of individuals or as a team together) Q: Where will be the management? I'm asking this because you didn't want to answer at @aa7670's question. A: Management will be from West-Europe, however, often and heavily involved remotely and locally. Q: All the money will be received from a romanian company? SRL? You have already a VAT number, if not? A: Money will be received from international company first most likely. Later on, if it's successful, a local company.
  11. The job outline is as following: We are looking for a company or individuals who wish to collaborate with us on web security audits. We will run a few test projects on mid-size corporate projects to test the quality and skills of the entire team. If the team is entirely up to the required skills we will move on to governmental projects. Starting salary: 2000 EUR/Month per Web Security Analyst. Future prospects: Monthly salary and share of the projects (worth up to 6 digits numbers). If interested, please send me a private message. Thank you
  12. Dear members, First of all, apologies if this is posted in the wrong section We are urgently looking for highly professional web security analysts who wish to work by contract in our security company. You need to have a comprehensive knowledge in researching exploitation of web security (eg. php, java etc). If you wish to apply to this project, please provide us your CV. Also companies can apply if they have staff who can work with us locally. Regards, M.
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