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  1. Al Salamu alaykom All of know Sentry MBA, for who does'nt know it, it's a software used to perform brute force attacks ( accounts, websites ... ) i will not talk so much about the usage of sentry MBA ( like i said in the title it's just for configs) but if you are interested on sentry mba you can read this article on my blog. Read the article Now for the configs : SKYPE CONFIG : DOWNLOAD BANGBROS CONFIG : DOWNLOAD PAYPAL CONFIG : DOWNLOAD BRAZZERS CONFIG : DOWNLOAD MOFOS ELITE CONFIG : DOWNLOAD REALITY KINGS CONFIG : DOWNLOAD LIVE JASMINE CONFIG : DOWNLOAD UPLOADED.TO CONFIG : DOWNLOAD ORIGIN CONFIG : DOWNLOAD IMLIVE CONFIG : DOWNLOAD NETLOAD CONFIG : DOWNLOAD RAPID GATOR CONFIG : DOWNLOAD PORNHUB CONFIG : DOWNLOAD EARTH VPN CONFIG : DOWNLOAD LOL CONFIG : DOWNLOAD MEDIAFIRE CONFIG : DOWNLOAD HMA CONFIG : DOWNLOAD CAM4 CONFIG : DOWNLOAD Good bye :">
  2. Scaning with virus total does not mean that the program is backdoored it's a hack tool , so it will be detected, also, watch youtube videos about finding trojans in computer or extracting backdoor from backdoored file
  3. Al Salamu alaykom Recently, i've made this new tool for cpanel cracking - brute forcing.It's very easy to use just follow my pictures First of all you need to download this tool : Download On mediaFire Note : there is no trojans, viruses, you can scan it yourself ! Now open cpanel killer.exe, it will be like this. you can use the auto username grabber option on the configuration side, or i already included a python script for auto username grabber you can use it also it includes two options 1 - single site username grabber. 2 - Server Usernames Grabber For usage, you just need to put your passwords list, if you use the auto username grab option you don't need to add a usernames list either, you don't need to add the usernames list. Sorry for my bad english guys :">
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