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  1. Here is Hand Book With Complete Guide For Learning Server Rooting . Full Book is Divided into 10 Lessons. Lesson 1:What is Root ? Lesson 2:How can I get on the Root ? Lesson 3:Local root and how to search for him ? Lesson 4: How connect the server ? Lesson 5:How to get Root access ? Lesson 6:What happen after the root ? Lesson 7:The withdrawal of my domain ? Lesson 8:How to do mass deface ? Lesson 9:How to register the hacked websites on Zone*h? Lesson 10:How to clear tracks from serve ? Download Link : Server Rooting PDF Password : raijee1337.blogspot.com
  2. In this Tutorial You will learn How To inject a website via cookies. Watch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x8hFpMapWE
  3. Closed : Solution : SQLi CHallenge #18 By RAi Jee URL:Naples Florida Beauty Salons and Day Spas - Allure et Beauté Salon & Day Spa TASKS :: 1: Print Your name With Version. 2: Print All Tables in the primary database. RULES: UNION BASED ONLY . For Tutorials : Welcome To RAi Jee Official Blog PROOF:
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