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  1. IceT


    da nici nu ai furat nicku de la moderatoru de pe h-y da de unde !
  2. mah cum sa scoateti offtopic u te auzi ce vb nu exista board pe internet sa nu aiba offtopic !!!!!!!
  3. atunci poate ar trebui sa inveti engleza ,de fapt dupa ce sa intors y4cky0u a cerut banii la andy , ca sa stabilit ca andy sa fie cu banii pt VIP pt ca el este cu serverul el configureaza el se pricepe iar h4cky0u sa fie cu celelalte iar cand andy nu ia dat bani pt ca nu ii merita sau certat ,h4cky0u sia luat domeniu si andy a luat h-y si la pus pe server ,baza de date si tot era a lu andy el se ocupa de ea (andy e beavis+)
  4. eu sunt multumit si de rs dar daca intra si google in joc cu atat mai bine poate mai lasa rs din preturi
  5. A History of h4cky0u Early '06 The site administration was OK, quite a few adverts, 501 errors here and there, bad but bearable. g00ns were hosting h4cky0u.org. April '06 The g00ns stopped hosting h4cky0u, because they were fed up with constantly getting DDoSed, and the fact that h4cky0u wasn't even paying the $10 that he was supposed to pay for hosting a month (even though he collected $10 for every VIP account, as well as revenue from the adverts and this went straight to his paypal account and stood there). May '06 h4cky0u got free hosting from andy777, because andy777 was the only person who would host him for free. He then went ahead and set up a box with a cPanel and secured to the best of his abilities, and ignored the advice of Xenocide to wipe out all the old data and start over from scratch with FreeBSD instead and it be set up properly. From there, h4cky0u also continued to leech VIP payments. The IRC channel moved to NitrousIRC June '06 nostur hacked ‘Lightning Fire’, then the h4cky0u.org box (owned by andy777), was rooted by ReZeN, and a backup of the database was distributed by ‘Lightning Fire’. h4cky0u disappeared and left andy777 in charge. August '06 Andy finally followed Xenocides advice and started over, but not with FreeBSD (the host didn't know how to install it) so just stuck to CentOS. Both Xenocide and % set it up and secured it, and the site ran pretty smoothly without any advertisements. The VIP money went to andy instead (to pay for the box). December '06 GM gets admin on the forums to help out. February '07 h4cky0u made a post in Area51 saying he would be fully back within a week. Xenocide in an attempt to recompile the kernel with the new version of grsec, inadvertently bricked the box because he found out that it has an issue with SATA drivers. andy777 asked the host to switch back to the old kernel, but instead they kicked andy777 off, because they were tired of him constantly getting DDoSed as well (even though at this time it was a very small amount).leaving andy777 to buy a new box. March '07 andy777 went and then bought a box from Corenetworks, it was set up with FreeBSD (again with the help of Xenocide and %). 3l3ctr1c and Untamed were promoted to mod. h4cky0u still not back. April '07 h4cky0u still hadn’t returned; randomly dropped in on IRC every few weeks saying he'll would be back within 3-5 days. GM got SSH access. t0pP8uZz got promoted to mod. May '07 Kw3rln got de-mod’d for sharing his account, he then DDoSed h4cky0u.org, Kw3rln is then banned. June '07 t0pP8uZz was promoted to admin. h4cky0u.org is then kicked off of CoreNetworks after the DDoS attacks from kw3rln. July '07 andy777 bought a new, more expensive DDoS protected box. GM lost SSH access but kept admin on the forums. PeSt was promoted to mod. August '07 h4cky0u came back and demands VIP money (all of which goes towards paying for the box), root on the box, and op on IRC, he also removed GM and promoted people without input from the rest of the moderation team (like illuz1on). Don got de-mod’d for ripping tutorials, screwing over t0p's domain, and random bans/warnings. Don tried to XSS IRC (lol). September '07 Domain is switched to h4ck-y0u.org to get rid of h4cky0u; h4cky0u gets banned from the site. Aftermath Kw3rln, Don, h4cky0u and possibly Novalok, Nostur and f1r3fly are now planning to DDoS and hack h4ck-y0u.org; they're also planning to setup h4cky0u.org again with the year old backup that was released.
  6. sa iti faci u un forum de securitate sau sa spargi unu ?
  7. IceT

    Cati ani ai?

    18 peste 2 luni fac 19
  8. wow,super ,la incercat careva ???
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