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  1. Hello boys:) Before one week i ended up with my crypter which he tortured me about a month .. actually is my first and i think anyone from you if you wanted to make a crypter and it was the first you will not selling it even for 1 million(you know the passion )...... So now i decide to do fud crypts for 5$ per crypt. BUT REMEMBER THE FIRST CRYPT IS FREE. So if somone doesn't like it, simply will never buy Stub Options: Language Coded : C/C++ Compatibility : Crypts everything like rats,botnets and other malicious expects .net ... (e.g Immunet monitor) Depentancies: No Runtime/Scantime : yes Fud time : I spread and scan about 5-6 days and still remain FUD Unique:Every time will recompile it and i am using inside rand() function to regenerate random strings and arrays which will expand the original. So every stub are different from the other. Contact: Skype name :miss.intengible Pay Methods: Bitcoin , Paypal
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