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    Invitation Letter The first International Students Contest on Information Security CTF-USV Suceava 2016 http://ctf.usv.ro Students from academic institutions are invited to participate in the first International Students Contest in Information Security, CTF-USV. The contest, organized as a CTF competition (Capture The Flag), is based on solving various challenges by exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities of web applications and operating systems in a limited time interval and inside a controlled data communication environment. The CTF-USV contest has an on-line qualification phase followed by an on-site, hands-on final stage. Teams of maximum 4 students having a Faculty member as mentor or coach can participate. Time Schedule On-line Registration: October 2016, 17-21 On-line Qualification: October 2016, 27-28 The CTF platform will be available for a 24 hours interval, respectively starting on October 27 at 18:00 EET and ending on October 28 at 18:00 EET On-site Contest: November 2016, 24-26 November 24: teams’ registration (10:00-12:00), official opening (12:00-13:00), presentations and technical meeting (15:00-18:00) November 25: hands-on contest, starting at 10:00 EET November 26: stopping the competition at 10:00 EET, awarding and closing ceremony (12:00) Full information is available on the contest site: http://ctf.usv.ro Main contact: ctf@usv.ro Contest manager: Organisers: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Safetech Innovations, Bucuresti ASSIST Software, Suceava
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