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  1. Email SPAM Prank is a tool to send a large amount of emails to any email in the world. A user just need to write the target email and hit enter. Instantly the target email will start receiving emails. The Public Version is limited and it's configured to send a maximum of 281 spam emails. The Private Version sends more than 10.000 emails, contact me for more information at privateloader@hotmail.com Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lwswd70p2cajnxr/Email_SPAM_Prank_3.8_(CMD_Public_Edition).rar Virus Analysis: https://virustotal.com/en/file/7aac4df860725b0ee7a5614692a6763e810ecd6444d48a67ab3eba2561c72ed7/analysis/1498660565/
  2. privateloader

    Facebook Annoyer - Send warning email or sms

    It's a fake positive, i'm using a public executable compiler for this
  3. Facebook Annoyer is a small tool i develop with the purpose of sending email or sms if possible to any facebook user. How to use: 1) Open the executable 2) Write the target email or phone number 3) Check if it's the target account (If not, right click and press "Go Back") 4) Choose from the options available 5) Click on continue 6) Close the tool or right click and press "Go Back" several times to target another facebook user Note: Normally it show two options, send the code by sms or by email... Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xkr56zpyftacuza/Facebook_Annoyer.rar Virus Analysis: https://www.garyshood.com/virus/results.php?r=583da3582707b6bfbbfe9a197a24bc4f
  4. privateloader

    Electrify Spam Sender - Send spam to an email

    Here is the official demo release of Electrify Spam Sender... Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/2j0b920a1owdxch/Electrify+Spam+Sender.rar Virus Analysis https://virustotal.com/ru/file/c7d4734f2ed81ea1cf407fd1f465697a6454a4c88c0b3cc985cfc1e9856e1b2c/analysis/
  5. privateloader

    Electrify Spam Sender - Send spam to an email

    This is just a post to anyone that may be interested in knowing more about my new email bombers. > Are you trying to sell it, infect or scam people? Maybe sell it, if i receive a good offer. (The archive may or may not include the php source) > All emails goes to the inbox (it can bypass gmail filters) - Did you play with Google Vision? A few years ago i release a tool called Email SPAM Prank and google started with the tabs which block all the emails from going to the inbox so i'm not giving it away this time. > I bet your shitty software can't bypass Yahoo's Abaca and you're talking about bypassing Google filters. If you are a resourceful guy and you know php you know that it's easy to deliver email. Using trusted/paying sources guaranties that you can bypass the filters. Email bombers? What's next? SMS bomber? No, DDOS...
  6. Electrify Spam Sender is a tool to send several emails to any email address (hotmail/yahoo/gmail/etc). The program let you configure the title and message of the spam email and send from diferent valid sources. In seconds a user will be able to send the same message from diferent emails filling this way an email address with spam emails. The advantages of Electrify Spam Sender vs other email bombers 1) Easy to use, just need the target email 2) Let you customize the title of the email 3) Let you customize the message/body of the email 4) Send from diferent sources 5) All emails goes to the inbox (it can bypass gmail filters) 6) Doesn't need to have an origin email like other email bombers do 7) Low quantity of repeat emails (this will void sending multiple emails) 8) Captcha protetion from abusive users Between other features... Electrify Spam Sender is the perfect tool to send spam to any email because it can bypass the mail filters. For this reason a download link isn't provided. Pm me for more details or to publish a video of Electrify Spam Sender working.
  7. privateloader

    [2017] Email SPAM Prank 3.7

    I have published years ago this program here. This is an update... Email SPAM Prank let's you send spam emails to any email address. To use is quite simple just open Email SPAM Prank and write the email. After a few seconds the targeted email will start receiving spam emails. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/esi8h35g5169zrz/Email_SPAM_Prank_3.7_(Public).rar Virustotal: https://virustotal.com/en/file/7703835a52df51b7d14f6804d5603a6902ff5639c968fdf6a00192a4f0fe0ec6/analysis/1488366265/