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  1. CodeCrackerSND

    Free portable programs (updated)

    Free portable programs (updated) don't expect to find any patch or shareware; all programs are freeware. Not all are builded by me only few of them, but some are very rare portable (hard to find). On onedrive portables are much sorted and less of them, the reason is that I left almost without free space. New free portable added: WindowsSecurity.zip HP Scan_SemiPortable.zip Microsoft_Games.zip HDDLLF.4.40.zip WiseDataRecoveryv3.87.205 recuva CrystalDiskInfo7_6_0 Unistallers: geek_v1.4.5.126.zip IObitUninstallerPortable_7.4.0.8.paf.exe RevoUninstaller_v2.05_Portable WiseProgramUninstallerPortable_2.2.4.paf https://sourceforge.net/u/codecrackersnd/profile/ I can't manage it well: can't delete nor add new files!!! Link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApMTkgZGX6psgSb-lDERoBsac8jI https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yayUivXFEeTizjx4NQss9SdiAEVIQil-?usp=sharing Nice programs list: http://www.lupopensuite.com/bestapps.htm
  2. CodeCrackerSND

    Tutoriale in limba romana

    Tutoriale in limba romana: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O2cqrDEdX_1Vag9wWQC6ovBgeoXDk0BB https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApMTkgZGX6psgSKu1b1xhgu1SjWJ Intra in subdirectorul Programare(RO) Acolo gasesti tutoriale limbaj de asamblare (majoritatea - 11), algoritmica, C++. Carte MySQL Romana, si Java.
  3. CodeCrackerSND

    Limbaj de asamblare

    Limbaj de asamblare Asamblare: http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/sWlPXGkJ/file.html Continut: Constructia unui procesor de 32 de biti Constructia fisierelor executabile Windows Instructiunile procesorului Instructiunile coprocesorului Variabile globale Functii si variabile locale
  4. CodeCrackerSND

    Tehnologia informatiei

    Tehnologia informatiei Manual pentru class a IX-a Informatica - Tehnologii asistate de calculator de Mariana Milosescu (Teora) Sisteme de calcul Sisteme de operare Birotica - Word, Excel, Paint Multimedia si Internet Link download: https://www.plustransfer.com/download.php?id=8a8014e3e5297e932d0284d0a91dc829
  5. CodeCrackerSND

    Limbaj de asamblare de Vasile Lungu

    Asamblare - Lungu II.doc a fost updatat, link descarcare: http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/5rFHPpzY/file.html
  6. CodeCrackerSND


    MultiLauncherCreator Create multiple commands to be executed on startup or can be selected from a combobox and executed afterward. Commands are executed using ShellExecute Api. Home page: http://multilaunchercreator.000webhostapp.com/
  7. CodeCrackerSND

    JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc

    In version 2.0 some bugs fixed: JarToExeJni: now ignores 64 bits jdk(s)/jre(s) and loads only x32 one, JarToExeProc: bug fixed to support space char (" ") in jar path. For both: - fixed exit process problem. - new feature: ability to include (distribute) the java jre/jdk with the program *** you must specify the javaw.exe/java.exe (or jvm.dll) relative path Check download page of website.
  8. Limbaje de asamblare - Indrumator de laborator vol 1 and 2: Imi pare rau de calitatea paginilor scanate, si fontul cartii este putin mai ciudat. Nici continutul nu este asa de bun, dar contine multe exemple! Descarcare: http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/uibZOaAQ/file.html http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/kOtp3KT1/file.html
  9. Programare in limbajul C/C++ pentru liceu Emanuela Cerchez, Marinel Serban este pentru incepatori Download link: https://fil.email/UY99Xjc4
  10. CodeCrackerSND

    Programare in limbajul C-C++ pentru liceu de Emanuela Certez

    Intreaga carte in format digital: http://www.FastShare.org/download/Programare_in_limbajul_C_C___pentru_liceu.zip
  11. CodeCrackerSND

    JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc

  12. CodeCrackerSND

    JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc

    Sters. Oricum informatiile nu mai sunt valide!
  13. CodeCrackerSND

    JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc

    JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc: Both are free. Home page: http://jartoexe.000webhostapp.com/ JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc will convert a jar archive (Java) to an executable file (.exe extension) - executable binary files for Windows. JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc features: - Free to use, without restriction - No temporary file is created while executing the generated exe - Smallest exe posible, the wrapper is made in MASM *** the generated exe will be MASM generated one - Easy to use JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc - these convertors themself (not generated exe files) require .Net Framework 2.0 (or better) to run! For both JarToExeJni and JarToExeProc the JDK (Java Developement Kit) or the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) has to be installed locally.
  14. CodeCrackerSND

    Assamblare Nou

    Assamblare Nou: cursuri (doc) de la facultate, EASY ASM Lungu+Musca Slide Arhitectura Slide Arhitectura: Name ------------------------------------------------------ APEL.doc ASSAMBLE.DOC BIBLIOGRAFIE.doc Cuprins Curs ARHI.doc Cursul 1 Introducere.ppt Cursul 1 Introducerei.ppt Cursul 1.doc Cursul 10 Interfata seriala si paralela.ppt Cursul 10.doc Cursul 12 Dispozitive secundare de stocare.ppt Cursul 12.doc Cursul 2 Registrele CPU 8086 si Moduri de adresare.ppt Cursul 2.doc Cursul 3 Instructiuni.ppt Cursul 3.doc Cursul 4 Servicii BIOS&DOS.ppt Cursul 4.doc Cursul 5 Moduri VIDEO.ppt Cursul 5.doc Cursul 6 Programe in limbaj de asamblare.ppt Cursul 6.doc Cursul 7 Tehnici IO.ppt Cursul 7.doc Cursul 8 Circuite Timer_Counter.ppt Cursul 8.doc Cursul 9 Hotkeys_Clock Ticks si TSR.ppt Cursul 9.doc desene.doc MACROMUS.WPD Moduri de adresare.doc Programul DEBUG.doc ------------------------------------------------------ 31 Files - 13.564 MB Download link: http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/EMelR8TF/file.html
  15. CodeCrackerSND

    My Old Tools Collection Part1

    My Old Tools Collection Part1: reverse engineering tools - cracking tools. My old tools collection Par1: compiled exes/jar, not source code! Download link: http://www93.zippyshare.com/v/wyCquy7N/file.html or download from torrent: http://www101.zippyshare.com/v/W6Lv4XK0/file.html